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According to the US Census in 2010, New Jersey's population was 8,791,894.

The estimated population of New Jersey in late 2011 was 8,821,125 people.

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How many people in burlington county New Jersey?

8903278 people live in burlington county in new jersey

How many people live in New Jersey 2012?


How many people live in Clinton New Jersey?

approx. 84,000 people

What type of people live in new jersey?

rich people

How many Mexicans live in New Jersey?


Where can you find a live in in New Jersey?

i live in new jersey.

Do gophers live in New Jersey?

well there are many different species of gopher but as far as i know gophers do not live in new jersey

Where do most people live in New Jersey?

most people live in cities.(urban areas)

How many people go to school in New Jersey?

16,000 people go to school in New Jersey.

Do people that live in New Jersey hate koala bears?

no they live in austrila

What is the adjective in this sentence - Joe has four sisters that live in New Jersey?

The adjective is "four." But it should be "who live in New Jersey" (people), and if it means he has only four sisters and all of them live in New Jersey, there should be a comma after sisters. Otherwise it can mean that he has more, and only four live in New Jersey.

Who were the first people to live in new jersey?

The Lenni-Lenape

Where did most people live in new jersey?

They lived in Newark.

Do cannibals live in New Jersey?

no. Not that most people kno of

What makes New Jersey good to live in?

there is no fat people

Why do many people like to vacation in New Jersey?

because of the beaches in New Jersey

How many millionaires live in New Jersey?


How many birds live in New Jersey?


How many species live in New Jersey?


When was Live from New Jersey created?

Live from New Jersey was created in 2004.

Do New Jersey sharks live in New Jersey?


Difference New Jersey accent?

New Jersey people don't have a change of accent, it's a regular American accent. And yes i know this because i live in New Jersey.

What famous people live or lived in New Jersey?

jonas brothers!

What country are you in if you live in New Jersey?

You are in the United States of America if you live in New Jersey.

Is New Jersey a bad place to live?

No. Like any place, some people like it and others don't. It must not be too bad. Almost 9 million people live in New Jersey. There are heavily populated towns and rural, country areas. And then there is the Jersey Shore. New Jersey has something for everyone.

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