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How many people live in Shanghai?

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What do you call people who live in Shanghai?

people who live in Shanghai.

Why do so many people live in Shanghai?

Because Shanghai is very close to the east china sea which makes the people have access to ports (trading) and water.

How many hi rises in shanghai china?

You can see hi rises in Shanghai everywhere. People live, work, entertain in hi rises. I don't think it's accountable.

How many Americans live in shanghai?

around 400,000

How many people live in tier 1 cities in china?

62.9 mill (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen)

Where do most of the people live in China?

They live east of Shanghai because of jobs and money.

What do shanghai people eat?

szshmi it is u :( shanghai people eat dim sum and xiaolomgbao and many other type of Chinese food

How many people are there in shanghai?

Shanghai has 18,884,600 people (2008) with a density of 2,683.6/km2. This has led it to become one of the largest metropolitan area in the world.

How many people died building the Shanghai Tower?

2000 people died

How many people are in Sxhanghai china?

0 people because the spelling of shanghai is wrong

What do you call people from Shanghai?

Chinese is generally for China. People in Shanghai is known as Shanghainese.

Is shanghai poor or rich?

Well, I live in Shanghai and I learn in an American- International school. In Shanghai, there is nothing that you can't find. So- it is a rich city.

Where do most Chicanos live at?

Shanghai, China

How many kilometres does shanghai cover?

Shanghai is 6,340.5 km2

How many people died during the building of the Shanghai world financial center?


How many pages does Shanghai Surprise have?

Shanghai Surprise has 246 pages.

How many pages does Shanghai Baby have?

Shanghai Baby has 256 pages.

Where did ji-li jiang live?

In Shanghai

Which city has the most people?

It is Shanghai.

How many Jews escaped to shanghai?

The figure usually given for Shanghai is 25,000.

How many Guzheng lovers in Shanghai?

I'm not from shanghai, but I'm in love with the guzheng:)

What languages do people from shanghai speak?

Most residents in Shanghai will speak Mandarin Chinese, while natives to Shanghai may also speak their local dialect, Shanghainese.

Where is the capital of China located at?

The capital of China is located in Beijing where there are polluted air. Shanghai was never the capital of China yet but many people had said to make Shanghai the capital of China.

Why do people move to shanghai?

Shanghai is the most modern city in China. It's also an international city.

How many people live in grasslands?

do people live in GRASSLANDS.. and how many

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