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How many people lived in North America before it was discovered by Christopher Columbus?

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no the Indians lived there before anyone else. Then the pilgrims came.

Answerno the pilgrims discovered America. i mean come on how could anyone discover anything that was already discovered.

Hah, your both wrong. Before the Indian's there was Lief Eriksson. So put that in your juice box and suck it. :)

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Which Irish saint discovered America before christopher Columbus?

Saint Brendan

Who''discovered'' America in 1492?

It is taught that Christopher Columbus 'discovered' America in 1492. However; we now know that Native Americans lived in the Americas for centuries before Columbus.

Was Christopher Columbus America's first discoverer?

Many people think that in history, Christopher Columbus was America's first discoverer. Others think that there was someone else that had discovered America before Christopher Columbus. The might not ever know who discovered America first.

When was America officially discovered?

== == Officially, America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. However, there were vikings and other groups coming to what is now America before this.

Who discovered America first leif eriksson or Christopher Columbus?

Neither. Lief Ericson discovered North America second while Christopher Columbus discovered it third. A Viking did discover North America and his name was Bjarni Herjolfsson. He discovered North America about 200 years before Lief Ericson

How did christopher Columbus come to discover the Americas?

He didn't discover America. Leif Erikson, a viking, discovered America. He said there 500 years before columbus.

How many days did Christopher Columbus sail before he discovered America?

he sailed 15809 days before he descoverd omeracre

Was popcorn created before or after Columbus discovered America?

thousands of years before Columbus discovered America (go to

Did Leif Ericson discover America before or after christopher Columbus?

Before Columbus.

What was Leif Eiriksson Famous for?

he made it to Canada 500 years before Christopher Columbus: he actually discovered America

Who was first to discover America?

Originally ; The Native Americans Was There Before Christopher Columbus , So The Natives Did ; But in The Board Of Education Insist That You Say Christopher Columbus When You Come Across The Question Of ( Who Discovered America ? ) . Answered By : Keianna Beattie

Was Christopher Columbus a US President?

No, Christopher Columbus was the one who was given credit for discovering America. The Vikings discovered America long before Columbus. His travels started the permanent contact between Europe and the Americas. He never landed on the North American continent.

What do you remember about the discoverer of America?

There are many facts regarding the discoverer of America. One idea is that there are actually multiple people who discovered America before Christopher Columbus.

What did Leif Ericsson accomplish?

Leif Ericssson discovered North America nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus.

What made Leif Eriksson famous?

he was a viking who discovered America before Christopher Columbus and named the island New Netherlands

Who went before Christopher Columbus on his voyage?

Vikings in the 11th century, but the never established a colony there.

Did Africans travel to America before Christopher Columbus?


Who came to America before Columbus?

The Native Americans was here first before Christopher Columbus

Why christofer Columbus Day is important day?

Because that's when the land of North America and partly South America was discovered. Edit: Although technically, North America was discovered by a group of Vikings led by Leif Ericson 500 years before him and by the Native Americans long before them, so Christopher Columbus never discovered North America.

Could the Chinese explorers make it to America before Columbus?

No Columbus discovered America first.

Who were the people that went to north America before Christopher Columbus?

People that went exploring before Christopher Columbus were: Marco Pololate 13th century Bartholomeu Dias 1488 Christopher Columbus 1492

Who found America before christopher Columbus from Bristol?

The Vikings

Who was Viking sailor who discovered North America 500 years before Christopher Columbus?

berEric the red lief erickson

Who found America before Columbus?

It is acknowledged that the Vikings had discovered and settled North America before Columbus. There is also dispute as to whether the Portuguese or Knights Templar discovered the Americas before Columbus because of the secrecy of their explorations

Before Christopher Columbus discovered US who were living there?

The people who he called Indiens.