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@ 25% of the total population.

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Q: How many people own a gun in the USA?
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How many people in Arizona own a gun?

No way to know.

Why people shouldn't be allowed to own gun?

Your question calls for an opinion. My opinion is that people SHOULD be allowed to own a gun.

How many people own a gun in America in 2009?

There is no source of exact information. Best estimate is about 120 million people.

How many people get shot by their own gun?

200 million people are killed and then become stupide becouse this page is not factuale

How many people own a phone in the US?

the whole of the usa

How many people out of 20 own a pet in the us?

about 89% of people own at least 1 pet in the usa

Why should you be for gun safety?

Because if you are against gun safety, you're probably dangerous when handling a gun. Many people that are not for gun safety never will and don't know as much as they probably should know about their gun/guns they own.

Should people own a gun?

Depends on the people. For responsible adults, why not?

Where in the world is it legal to own a gun?

AMERICA OF COURSE! Now seriously, many countries have laws which enable you to have gun if you are certified with a licence. USA is one of those. You can own a gun in most of the U.S. without a license. You do, most of the time, have to have a permit to carry a handgun on your person, however.

Which people have guns?

In the US, adults that do not have a criminal history, or are mentally incompetent CAN legally own or possess a firearm. Other people may illegally own a gun. There is no system of knowing who may own a gun.

Can people with dementia own guns?

No, because they are mentally unfit to have a gun. It is against the law to let someone mentally ill own or have a gun.

Do you need a gun license in USA to own a fire arm?

You don't need a gun license if you are 25 but if your under 25 you do need a gun license