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Depends. If you want a big wedding, invite a lot of people. BUT...that's expensive. To be average sized, invite family and close friends and people who would overreact if they weren't invited.

It's YOUR wedding. Ask who you want.

Remember: More people, more money, but more presents!

Have fun :)

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Who should I invite to my second wedding?

It is not poor etiquette to invite the same relatives and friends you had at your first wedding. Many people are married a second time.

How many people should you invite to your wedding?

That depends on how many people you want, your budget, your reception space - talk to your fiance. There is no 'set' number of guests for a wedding.

How many people should you invite to your party?

you should invite how every much people you want to invite

How many people did Prince William and Kate Middleton invite to there wedding?


Married people only How many guests did you invite to your wedding?

100, 50, 200, 150

How many people should you invite to a pool party?

as many as you want or as many people that could fit in your pool?

You are engaged your parents paying for the wedding should the grooms parents be able to invite all their friends?

It all depends. Are the groom's parents paying anything? If they are not, then you can put a limit on how many people they can invite eg. 1 table otherwise I would let them know that they have to pay for anyone extra.

How many people to invite to a baby shower?

You can invite as many people to a baby shower as you want. If you are friend of the person expecting the baby then you should invite her mother and mother-in-law and her friends. If you don't know who all her friends are perhaps her mother or another friend of hers could help you out with the list to invite.

How many nuts should you serve at a wedding reception for 150 people?

7 pounds

How many wedding cupcakes do you need for a wedding?

That depends on the number of people at the wedding.

What is the best way to have a wedding album done?

It is better to have an online wedding album because you are able to invite others to see your pictures and also have many options on ordering prints.

What is a mob wedding?

there are many people on the wedding and the atmosphere there is active

How many people should a girl invite to her thirteenth birthday party?

13 as amny as possible! this is you becoming an official teenager, it has to be big, right? but definetely invite guys to party, and then girls to saty for the night. you must invite your crush, it will really help your chances!

How many people watched the royal wedding?

3 billion people watched the royal wedding

Will it look good if you have a lot of guests in a beach wedding?

The importance doesn't lie in the quantity of your guest, but instead it lies in the quality of your guests.A wedding is an intimate setting at any venue. You should be surrounded by friends and family who you love and who love you. The number of guests shouldn't determine how well your wedding will go. It should be based on sharing this special moment with your loved ones.Too many brides (and grooms) base the success of their wedding as a popularity event. This is not always true. It shouldn't have to be a popularity contest.A person can have a wedding with only the immediate family members of the bride and groom present and still have a wedding that "looks good." Many couples do just this. Still others invite everyone they have ever met and even invite the friends of their friends and family members.In any case, it is your wedding. Whichever you are most comfortable with, and makes you feel the best about your preference for a wedding, is what is important and that alone will make your wedding "look good."

How many people remember their wedding kiss?

About 1,000,000 people in the state of Kentuckyremember their wedding kiss.

Mike and Mary were expecting 81 people at their wedding The weather was very bad on the day of the wedding and 9 people were not able to come How many people attended the wedding?

72 people.

How do you invite my friends for my bothers wedding through mail?

First, you should get permission from the bride to be and your brother as to whether you can invite your friends to the wedding and let them know how many of your friends you are inviting. Weddings are extremely expensive and at the reception the food from the caterers is calculated by 'plate settings' which can run from $25 per guest and up. If you have had permission then you would get the invitations from the bride and fill them out and mail them asking the bride for help if you are stuck in filling the invitations out.

How do you know how many people to invite to your wedding on a budget?

First, make a simple list of A people...this should include parents, siblings, in-laws and best friends. Then make a list of B people. With this in mind, check venues for approximate cost per person based on 50 people vs. 100 people, etc. This should help you determine how many people you can actually afford to have at the wedding. Remember, venue & food will take the majority of your budget, provided you do not overspend on your dress. I believe 50 people is a good number because it is big enough that it feels like a celebration, but small enough that you can spend time with each and every guest.

How many tables should be used for a large wedding?

For a wedding of 100 people, there should be at least 10 tables, assuming each table can seat 10 people. Usually, assume the each table can only be used around 7-8 people to avoid running out of seats.

How many people go to a Hindu wedding?

About 150 people

How many people are invited to the royal wedding?

1900 people

How many went to Kate and Prince Williams wedding?

2500 people went to the wedding

How many people are wedding planners?

there doensn't seem to be any actual statistics on how many people are wedding planners, but it is a quite popular career these days, and there are many around.

How many months before wedding should you mail out invites?

Invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

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