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How many people speak German in Europe?

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I guess 100 millions. German is spoken primarily in Germany (95%), Austria (89%) and Switzerland (64%) together with Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg constituting the countries where German is the majority language.

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How many people speak German as a first language in Europe?

120 million people in Europe

How many people in Europe speak German as their first language?

German is the main language of about 90-95 million people in Europe.

How many people living in Liechtenstein speak German?

Most people in Liectenstein speak German. It is the official language.

How many people speak German in Luxembourg?

The speak both German and french so German is not the official language

How many people in Denmark speak German?

Only about 40,000-60,000 Danish speak German.

How do Europe speak?

Europe has many countries, with many different languages like, French, German, Dutch, English, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Irish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Romanian and many, many others. So depending on what part of Europe you are, in will depend on what types of languages you will hear and how people will speak.

How many people speak German?

It is estimated that 100 million speak German as their native language.The number of people who have German as a second language is approximately 80 million.

How many people speak German in Switzerland?


How many people in belgium speak German?

Jay is Gay

How many people speak french in europe?

140 million

How many people speak German in Australia?

There are estimated to be around 75,600 German speakers in Australia.

How many languages do Amish people speak?

Three. English, Pensylvania German and Swiss German.

How many people speak german as a second language?

as of 2012, approximately 80 million non-Germans speak German as a second language.

What is the population of Germany and How many of those inhabitants speak German as their first language?

There are approximately 81 million people living in Germany. The German government states that 99% of its people speak German as a first language.

How many people speak Low German worldwide?

The Wikipedia article estimates 3 million native speakers, that is presumably, speakers who have acquired the language from their parents, plus a further 7 million who understand Low German. These figures are for Europe. The Low German-speaking communities outside Europe are very small.

How many people speak German worldwide?

German is spoken in 40 countries. There are an estimated 100 million native German speakers. When those who speak it as a second language are included, the total becomes 180 million people.

Why doesn't the whole of Europe speak English?

Most of Europe can speak in English but it is not their primary language. If you lived in the United States you would speak your birth language of English not Spanish or French or any of the Native American languages or other languages that exist in that nation. Germans speak German in Germany. French speak French in France. They can speak in English too because English speaking people do business with them and the tourists do too. In the US they do not get very many German or French people visiting so they don't learn those languages but they do learn Spanish since there are millions there who speak in Spanish.

How many people speak spanish in Europe?"

What are the languas in Iceland?

The official language is Icelandic. Most people speak very good English and many people speak danish and German but they speak Icelandic to each other.

How many people speak German in austria?

More or less everyone. It is the national language.

How many people in Argentina speak German?

German is spoken as a first language by a minority in Argentina of approximately 400,000 people.

How many of the people living in Germany speak German as their as their first language?

German nationals make up 91% of the population so one can be certain that 91% of the people in Germany speak the language as their first language.

How many people speak German in Poland?

Germans are in a minority in Poland. There are about 148,000 Germans in Poland. But German population is decreasing in Poland.

How many people speak German in Liechtenstein?

German is the only official language of Liechtenstein, and the most widely spoken dialect is Alemannic.

How many people live in Germany and how many of the population speaks German as their fist language?

about 80 000 000 people are living in germany and most of them speak german as first language