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Its sad to say but it would only be like not even 2000 it would be less because the people were to malnourished that they passed on.

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Why did people want to survive during the Holocaust?

One Holocaust survivor, David Faber, survived because he promised his mother (who was murdered) he would tell the world what happened.

What did people in Allied countries think when they heard about the Holocaust in World War 2?

what did people think of the holocaust that was reported during world war two?

Who were some survivors people during the Holocaust?

Well, I know that Anne Frank's dad, Otto, survived. We're always talking about the people that died during the 2th World War. Yes, lots of people died, but there was also a fair share of them that survived. A few like Elie Wiesel, Otto Frank, George Brady, and so many more.

Was the holocaust in World War I or 2?

The holocaust was during World War 2

How many people survived the Death Marches during the Holocaust in World War 2?

The Death Marches took place between 1944 and 1945. Prisoners were forced to march for tens of miles in the snow to travel from camp to camp. No one really knows ho many people survived these marches but what is known is that around 250,000 Jews died during the marches.

The Holocaust begin in 1940 after World War 2?

The Holocaust was during World War 2

Was the Holocaust war World War 2?

The Holocaust occurred during the Second World War .

How did Anne Frank impact the world?

She was a very strong young person who almost survived the holocaust.

What international conflict was going on during the Holocaust?

The Holocaust took place during World War 2.

What is the significance of holocaust during World War 1?

The Holocaust did not take place during WW 1, it was during WW 2.

How many people survived Hurricane Katrina?

It would be difficult to quantify the number of people that were affected by Katrina and that could be said to have 'survived' Katrina. In general, everyone in the world that didn't die during Hurricane Katrina can be said to have survived it.

Why is Anne Frank's diary important?

Because it tell an important story and it educates the world of lives of real people during the Holocaust.It is important because it was written by a Jew in hiding during the Holocaust; it shows how traumatic and difficult it was for Jews during the Holocaust. And if you want to learn more about the Holocaust, it's a good read!!

How many people died of starvation during World War 2?

4 million people deid of starvation in the holocaust of world war 2.

What were the negative effects during World War 2?

Adolf Hitler killed millions of people in the Holocaust

Who did the allies battle in during the Holocaust?

This question confuses the holocaust with World War 2.

Did the Holocaust and World War 2 happen at the same time?

the holocaust was in the duration of world war II, ___ Yes, the Holocaust took place during World War 2.

What country allowed Jews in during World War 2?

Denmark was really the only country that helped its Jews during WWII. 99% of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust. Sweden and Switzerland, neutral countries, took in Jews during the war.

What was the conditions of England during the Holocaust?

Britain was not invaded in World War 2 and there was no Holocaust in Britain.

During what war did the Holocaust occur?

The holocaust took place in Europe in World War 2.

What war was occurring at the time of the Holocaust?

The Holocaust took place during World War 2.

How many cities were destroyed during the Holocaust?

It seems that you are confusing the holocaust with World War 2.

When the world found out about the holocaust?

they found out about it during the war, but it was only after the overwhelming evidence after the war that people actually believed it.

What event happened to the Jewish people during World War 2?

The Holocaust. Google it. It's pretty significant

Who was affected during World War 2 and the Holocaust?

during world war 2 most major countries were effected. during the holocaust people of Jewish heritage were affected. also prisoners of war were taken and given similar treatment to those of whom were Jewish or of Jewish heritage.

Were other people killed aside from Jewish people during the time of World War 1?

The Nazi Holocaust of the Jews took place in World War 2 ...

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