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do you wanted to know what animal cruelty is a woman in the U.S. has been charged with animal cruelty after killing her relative's cat and using its blood as part of an outfit to wear at a Lady Gaga concert. Don't you wanted to stop it? right now

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What do you consider animal cruelty?


Why do people protest against animal cruelty?

People protest against animal cruelty because it is wrong and is punishable. Too many people harm animals for no reason and people want it to stop.

What are five reasons for and against animal cruelty?

There is no reason for any kind of cruelty And the five against is that it is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

How long has animal cruelty been around?

Animal Cruelty has been around for a very long time. But it is wrong and can be prevented.

Why are people against animal cruelty?

I can't believe you're asking this. Animal cruelty is sick! Animals feel things just as much as a human does so if it's wrong to do it to a human how could it be right to do it to an animal?

Is animal cruelty wrong?

Yes it is wrong , unless its mosquitoes, not really necessary in any biota because some people do it so

Why is animal cruelty a crime?

It is wrong. It is a gateway behavior to cruelty to humans . If you needed to ask this, you need help.

What is five reasons people are against animal cruelty?

well, people are against animal cruelty because 1. Animal cruelty is a sick thing to do as you are hurting it 2. It is just wrong 3. no one wants to see a little (or big) animal suffer 4. Animals have feelings just like humans 5. by being cruel to the animal, you are mentally destroying the animals life. Stop animal cruelty, please, and I really don't how people could do such a sick, awful, horrible, terrible thing to a beautiful (not always on the outside but always on the inside) animal. hope you liked my answer!

Why is animal cruelty is wrong?

Because they can't say anything about it, unlike humans

What is a sentence for starvation of an animal?

Example sentences:The man was charged with animal cruelty for starvation of the animal.Starvation of an animal is wrong criminally and morally.

What are the religious views on animal testing?

Google it... UMAD BRO?

What is wrong with animal crealty?

Animal cruelty involves the suffering of living beings. It is wrong to directly or indirectly support or cause the suffering of an animal that is able to feel pain and emotion.

What do people think about animal testing?

what do people think about animal testingOne answer for that it is horrible and animals are suffering due to this so PLEASE STOP ANIMAL TESTING ITS WRONG

What are benefits of decreasing animal cruelty?

Many people may think, a dog or cat is an animal, and animals are stupid and aren't worth it.. But this is wrong, the benefits of stopping animal cruelty are that you're not only ending some poor animals hardship but also giving them a life worth living. And an animal is a living thing they can feel pain, loneliness, depression and anger they know what it is. So if you saw a dog in the street being beaten with a leather belt and it was yelping and yowling would you still ask in any doubt, what are the benefits of decreasing animal cruelty? Iona

Is slaughtering animals for food wrong?

There's no wrong in killing for food, as long as you don´t kill the animal with unnecessary cruelty.

Is pitbull abuse wrong?

if you mean Pitbull as in the dog then many would consider it animal cruelty - so YES.

How is the employment for a veteranerian?

Working with animals is something that i would look 4ward to in my futuer because i really love animals and i think that is it wrongWorking with animals is something that i would look 4ward to in my future because i really love animals and i think that is it wrong i would really look forward as this as my career people should step up and do something about animal cruelty because it is wrong and many people agree with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think of animal testing?

i think its wrong to test animals people should sign a petition to stop animal testing because they are living creatures how would people like it if they were being tested?

What do Hindu's think about animal testing?

They believe it is wrong because causing harm to a animal damages your karma, and that people can return as animals.

What happens if you put fire under a turtle?

I come to your house and beat you up because that's animal cruelty and it's wrong.

How do others feel about animal abuse?

Some people (like myself) think animal abuse is wrong and should be stopped. I don't see how anybody could think differently.

Why baby abuse is wrong?

The word abuse im this context means to treat a person or animal with cruelty or violence (especially when doing so regularly or repeatedly). All abuse - whether of a baby, an adult or an animal - is wrong.... by its very definition.

Reasons for why animal cruelty is wrong?

Animals are alive so they should be treated with respect just like how some one would treat humans.

What animal rhymes with orchestra?

I don't think any animal, I could be wrong though

Is it wrong to be pro animal rights but eat meat?

I wouldn't say it was wrong, but id say it is very immoral, contradicting, and maybe hypocritical if people go on about how cruelty to animals is wrong, and then eat meat.

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