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Around 0.1% of the population, mostly by east Asians who have migrated to South Africa.

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Buddhism influences people today by thinking positive helping others and promoting peace. 1.2 to 1.6 people practice Buddhism today. That is 6% of people in the USA today.

Buddhism is practice by people on all continents and of all races. It has many adherents in Asia but the number of people practicing in the west is growing every year. Buddhism is the 4th largest religion behind Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Buddhism is practiced in the way that its followers treat others. This includes showing patience, kindness, love, and compassion towards others..

The Shinto religion is the native religion of the people of Japan. It pre-dates Buddhism in Japan by a few centuries. The majority religion of Japan today is Buddhism. Some people mix the traditions of Buddhism and Shintoism.

Mostly Buddhism and Shamanism

Buddhism is practiced all over the world but most people that practice it today are in the Middle East exactly mostly in the middle east. heroes is on. got 2 go

Yes. Buddhism has about 500 million followers throughout the world. Many others incorporate some aspects of Buddhism into their lives even if they follow other religions. In some countries in the western world Buddhism is the fastest growing religion.

It is estimated that 6.2 million people in Asia (including Israel) practice Judaism. In Africa, the number is 75,300, and in Europe, it's 1,426,900.

Buddhism is practiced in all of the continents except Antarctica, (unless of course a Buddhist happens to be visiting). Buddhism is most prevalent in Asia and least prevalent in Africa. Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in Europe and North America. So Buddhists are everywhere.

over million people practice confucianism today

Most people in the Middle East today practice Islam.

people practicing Hinduism mainly live in India today. They can also be found in other parts of the world, such as Nepal, Mauritius, Africa and America, UK and Europe.

Today, Buddhism can be found all across Asia - in fact, all across the world. It is most popular in east Asia, though.

Buddhism evolved by that buddha shared his knowledge around Asia and the followers decided to become Buddhism. Today in 2012 there are not many people that believe in Buddha.

As of Aug 2012 the population of people that practice Islam is 2.2 Billion.

I am assuming that what you are asking is how does Buddhism today compare to what the Buddha taught. Buddhism over the years has been enriched by each culture that has been exposed to; changing the nature of practice just slightly each time. So Chan Buddhism (China) is slightly different in practice then is Zen Buddhism (Japan, Korea). But the teachings have always remained the same. Now when I speak of practice, it is the methods used to teach the Dharma (the teachings). The biggest change in Buddhism since the Buddha is the development of Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana Buddhism, to which is the tradition I practice, added teachings from later Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to The Buddha's original teachings in regards to living a compassionate life to help all other beings. So Buddhism adapts the methods but never the message or teachings.

Yes, Buddhism is very important today. It is one of the world's major religions.

There is no exact count of how many followers any religion has, since no one goes around asking everyone what they follow, but estimates are that there are between 400 Million to 1.5 Billion Buddhists. Buddhism is the 4th largest religion and the fastest growing in Europe and North America.

Asia is the area where Buddhism is most prevalent.

The Hebrew people are called Jews today, and they practice Judaism.

people who actually practise Hinduism today are called Hindus. In India Nepal & Myanmar & Mauritius people follow & practice Hinduism.

Yes, there are people who practice some form of magic or magic based spiritual system and who call themselves wizards in practice today.

Buddhism is a system that will allow the end of all suffering which is the goal or wish of most beings even today.

about 25% of the population of the world.

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