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How many people travel by air per day in u.s?

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2009-09-17 17:32:07

The National Air Traffic Controllers Association says that there

are, on average, between 25,000 and 30,000 passenger flights in the

US per day. (

Let's estimate conservatively and pick 25,000 as our number.

Estimate that each airplane on average has 20 rows of people.

(Yeah, some planes are much, much bigger, but the majority of

planes are small.) Further guess that each row can hold 5 people on

average. Then make a guess that on average a flight is 75% full,

you get:

25,000 * 20 * 5 * 0.75 = 1,500,000 people per day

During burst periods (like Thanksgiving) the news is filled with

reports that the airline expect to well exceed 2 million people

each day, so 1.5 million on a normal day is probably not too bad a


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