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How many people tried to kill franz ferdinand?


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A sizable group planned the assassination, however only two made an attempt. One tried a bombing and when he failed, Gavrilo Princip shot the Archduke and his wife.

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Gavril Princip actually killed Franz Ferdinand but i dont know who tried to kill him first

gavrilo killed archduke franz Ferdinand by shoting him in the throat

To kill Franz Ferdinand.

The black hand gang wanted to kill Franz Ferdinand because they wanted to get revenge; they always treated them wrong so they wanted to be free.

Ferdinand Magellan tried to kill islanders but on the way back to his ship an islander killed him.

Gavrillo Princip was one of six assassins involved in the plot to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot dead, sparking the beginning of World War I.

In Sarajevo, then in Serbia, now capital of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

As a protest against Habsburg rule in Bosnia.

Gavrilo Princips assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand June 28th 1914

Serbian Gavrilo Princip who was ally of a secret society Black Hand.

2 bullets. One to the neck and one to the belly.

A Browming M1910 .32 caliber automatic pistol

Yes. A man tried to blow him up, but when he threw the bomb, he missed the car. Then, on the same day, the car with Franz Ferdinand in was revercing up a side street, and the man who wanted to kill him was in a cafe along the side street, So he went outside, and shot him.

7 people tried to kill her but they all failed :D

Serbia, the origin of the Black Hand, had just gained freedom from Austria-Hungary, ruled by Franz Ferdinand. Bosnia had gained control of Bosnia, which had once been part of Serbia, and the Black Hand wanted Bosnia back.

Serbia because they wanted to be an independent country, however austria-Hungary wanted to rule them to make a larger empire and it was franz ferdinands idea

Arch-duke Franz Ferdinand was the first kill in WW1, he was the main reason the war started

Their were ten members in the Black Hand on the first attempt to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand with a bomb. A member jumped into a river thinking it was deep but not then took a drug to try and kill himself but didn't work. Hope this helps.

The Archduke Ferdinand and his wife were shot by Gavrilo Princip using a FN Browning model 1910 pistol. The particular pistol he used is believed to be a .32 caliber.

the aim of the black hand gang, was to try and get al serbs to live together, not to kill the air 'franz ferdinand'.

Gavrilo Princip was part of an underground resistance group that opposed Archduke Franz Ferdinand's rule, and the occupation of Serbia. He assassinated the Archduke as an act of patriotism and also because he did not like him.

because some countries didn't like him so they sent the black hand gang to go and kill him and then it started the war!!!

Most people tried to kill him as an act of revenge.

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