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Impossible to say. I would guess billions.

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How many people are in a car?

That depends, how big is the car, how many seats are in the car, and how many people are going into the car.

What is the use of car?

the use of car is that when we can't walk a large distances people use car,and also when going to other districts or cities people use cars

How many people use Geico for car insurance?

More than 9 million

How many people use a car in Australia?

Much the same ratio as America and Europe

What is a car and what does it do?

this is a car people use it to go to places

How many people own a car in the UK?

How many people own a car in the UK

How many people listen to music in the car?

That depends on how many people actually have a car :)

How many people was in the car of tears of a tiger?

There were 4 people in the car.

How many watts does a car use?

Depends on the car.

How many people per car in Australia?

3000 people per car

What vehicle do most people use?


How many people died in a car crash in 2010?

Too Many People Car kill to many people every year. This is mostly related to alcohol.

How many people does it take to lift a car?

depends on the strength of the people and the weight of the car

How many people does it take to make a car?

No one makes the car but about 2-5 people test the car

How would you compare car transportation in Kuwait back then and now?

The car transportation in the past: a bit of cars and most use taxi to transport, and a bit of accidents are done by people. The car transportation now: many cars in the streets, which causes many of car accidents

How many people per car in maldives?

Less than 100 people per car.

Can electricity from a car kill you?

NO! They use a car battery and jumper cables to torture people.

What tools do people use to get electricity into a car?

A battery

How many people own a car in the world?

About 5 billion people own at least one car. too many to count

Java program to simulate a car?

If people want to give answer for what is data abstraction, people will use car as an best example.

How many people use photoshop?

There is no record of how many people use it.

How many people allowed in a car with a learner driver in England?

As many as the car is designed to take.

How many people per car in Brazil?

5,469 people

How many people can be in a car with you?

you can legally have as many people in the car as there are seatbelts. if you only have 4 seat belts, there can only be 4 people in the car,as the law says, every person must wear a seat belt

Do many people use Google buzz?

It depends on what you think is "many people", but generally, many people do use it.

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