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How many people use cars in US?

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In 2009, there were 246,283,000 licensed drivers and 254,212,610 registered cars and trucks in the US.

According to the US Department of Transportation, 92% if US households have a vehicle. The average US household had 1.8 drivers and 1.9 vehicles.

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How many people use cars in the US?

Almost 255 million registered vehicles

When did many people in the US start owning cars?

Many people in the US started to own cars when Henry Ford made the Model T car less expensive.

How many silver cars are there in the US?

Depends on if people are painting their cars silver From F.S. Nerd

How many cars are in china?

It is believed that there are about 70 million cars in China. China is surpassing the US in the use and production of cars.

What are some similarities between Japan and the US?

they have hamburgars...and they both have lots of people in cities japan and the US use cars like everyday..most people have cars and computers

How many cars in the US as at 30.5.09?

in the US we use the MM/DD/YY format for the date. there are more cars than drivers

How many people are driving a car in the us?

There is really not a good answer for that, because if I tallied up how many people have cars right now, some people might get a car tomorrow, and some people steal cars, so dealerships do not know for sure, i guess if you go to every dealership add all the cars they sold you could use that, but they might just buy a car to put in a malll for display or something, you never know what they use cars for, so there is no right answer to your question. Maybe you can change your question to, How Many Cars have been Bought in the US? i hoped i have helped

How many people have cars in the US?

In the U.S. for every two people there is one car.

When did many people in the US have a car?

There are around 250,000,000 cars in the U.S.

How Cars in us today?

how many cars in the us today

How many cars are in the US?

their is over 290 billian cars in the us

Number of cars in the us?

Nobody Exactly knows how many cars are in the United states. People buy cars everyday and cars get recycled eveyday and made into something new.

How many cars are there per person in US?

There is about 1.023 cars per person in America. (That's about 1023 cars per every thousand people in America.) In China, there is only 9 cars per 1000 people. In India, 11 cars per 1000 people.

How many people in Australia drive cars?

about the same amount as in the US actually, 48%.

Do US citizens have cars?

Yes, there are many US citizens who have cars, but there are many US citizens (like those who are children, those who can't afford cars, etc.) who do not have cars. There are over 250 million registered motor vehicles in the US.

How many cars were there in the us in 1994?

There were over 100 million cars in the US in 1994. There were about 485,954,000 cars worldwide in 1994.

Can non united state citizens buy cars in the US and drive it?

Yes, provided they have a valid driver's license. Many people in the US on student visas own and drive cars.

Do cars sold in Anchorage, Alaska use the same kind of brakes as cars sold in the rest of the US?

yes, the cars in Anchorage,Alaska do use same type of brakes as of sold in the US.

How many cars in the USA?

In 2005 there were 241,000,000 Cars registered in the US.

How many people restore cars in the US?

5000 ppl yeah bam and the dirt iss gone

How many cars were sold in the us in 2011?

12.8 million cars got sold in 2011 in the US

How many people in the US own two cars or more?

about 10 people out of 20 own 2 cars could be an old one and a new one or 2 new or 2 old

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