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Last summer, 750.000 people in the UK played Club Penguin.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-20 12:23:32
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Q: How many people use club penguin in the UK?
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What is prizerebel on Club Penguin?

PrizeRebel and Club Penguin are two different websites. Many people use PrizeRebel to gain free Club Penguin memberships.

WHAT IS CP Trainer?

Club Penguin trainers are programs that people use to hack Club Penguin.

Can you use a weopon on Club Penguin?

No, you cannot use one on Club Penguin. If you're thinking about that then Club Penguin is not the right place to be.

Is club penguin moneymaker safe to use?

nonot at allpeople do find out glitches but club penguin then stops themand moneymaker is one of them glitchesso don't use it

How do you use Club Penguin 2.1?

You can only use the latest version of Club Penguin.

How do you get a server unfull on Club Penguin?

use club penguin storm

What is the blizzard on Club Penguin?

It is a server. very famous many people prefer to use that server, like Mammoth

How do you use weapons on Club Penguin?

You don't. Club Penguin is rated E.

How do complete mission 11 on club penguin elite penguin force?

you gotta use the hints from people to figure it out

How do you kick people out of your igloo in club penguin?

you use your message board and tell them to get out

How do you get to the migrator on Club Penguin when its not there?

use penguin storm

How does a penguin use the computer on Club Penguin?

you cant

Do you have to use the club penguin gift card to get a membership on club penguin?

Yes, of course.

How do you find Gary the gadget guy on club penguin?

on club penguin missions or use the penguin tracker on

Is Club Penguin for babies?

Club Penguin is for all ages from 3 years old and up to any age anyone can use club penguin

How do you get elite puffle on Club Penguin?

You have to unlock a one-time use code from the club penguin DS game Club penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge.

Can you get a puffle on club penguin elite penguin force?

No, but you will have have to be trained on how to use them and what to use them for.

Who is alexissr11 on Club Penguin?

She use to be alexissr10. she makes vids on youtube and plays club penguin

How much MB does club penguin use?

Club Penguin has membership and at least half are members.

What did club penguin use to make their website?

CLub penguin uses a program called plesk!

What is spy phone in club penguin?

a spyphone is a phone on club penguin epf agents use

What did Club Penguin use to be called?

penguin chat 3

How do you get to the migrator on Club Penguin when its gone?

use penguin storm

Do Club Penguin trainers work?

Absolutely, I have used many trainers for club penguin. The down side is that some times CP figures outs that people use them and you could get banned (Not Always) or the whole trainer can be shut down

Is the unregistered hyprecam 2 illegal to have?

of course not! lots of people use it on club penguin!