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about thirty thousand people every year visit cristo redentor every year

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What do people in Brazil eat as their main diet?

people from Brazil mainly eat rice and beans every day!people from Brazil mainly eat rice and beans every day!

How many cars per person in Brazil?

At every 5.6 people in Brazil have a car and all population of Brazil is 190 million inhabitants

What indegious people are in Brazil?

Every People and the same in all of the world where don´t have a good education

What do people do in Brazil?

The people of Brazil do the same things that every other person in the world does. They go to work, spend time with family, go to festivals, and even watch movies.

What are symbols for Christmas in Brazil?

Every Christmas in Brazil we have fireworks.

How many people watch soccer in Brazil?

22 million viewers average about every game.

Who is luiz inacio Lula da silva and what does he do?

He is the former president of Brazil and he talks with people around the globe to make every place better including Brazil

What kind's religiuNS are in brazil?

Every possible kind, though the majority of people are Catholic or evangelistic Christians.

Are there detritivores in Brazil?

Yes, there are detritivores in every country in the world, including Brazil.

What is life like in Brazil?

life in Brazil is amazing it has some poor areas and some rich areas. people come to visit Brazil every year. it has a good culture and has many tourist attractions although it has many crimes. Brazil is a great plce to live xxx

What are the festivals of Brazilian people?

Brazil is a large country located in South America. Brazil has several festivals to celebrate every year, the main ones that Brazilians like are carnivals and food festivals.

How many FIFA World Cups have Brazil been in?

Brazil played in every world cup.

What is the avreage yearly temperature for Brazil?

The average temperature of Brazil is 64.5 degrees every year.

Where is it illegal to hunt cheetahs?

Cheetahs are illegal to hunt almost every were but in Brazil it isn't. Of course it is not illegal in Brazil, cheetahs do not live Brazil.

How many people die in Brazil everyday?

i need to know for my welsh school work all i know 6 kids die every day from disseses

Does Brazil have monsoons?

Yes, every year in autum

How many times has Brazil featured in the world cup?

Brazil has been in every 16 world cups that were held.

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