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It is difficult to get exact daily estimates for walkers on the Kokoda Trail. Figures indicate that, during the course of a whole week, there might be (at most) 160 walkers, especially during peak times such as the lead-up to ANZAC Day. The tour guides prefer to limit numbers to around 20 per group, and it takes a number of days to walk the track.

For more details, see the related link.

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2010-12-27 10:20:38
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Q: How many people walk the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea a day?
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Australia fought on which trail in Papua New Guinea?

The Kokoda Trail.

Is the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea?

Yes. The Kokoda Trail links the southern and northern coasts of Papua New Guinea.

What is the famous trail in New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea's famous trail is the Kokoda Track.

How long does it take to trek the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea?

To hike the Kokoda trail, it takes about 9 days at a good pace. For more informant about the trail go to:

What is Papua New Guinea famous for?

Its diversity as it has over 700 native tongues. Papua New Guinea is arguably most famous for the Kokoda Trail, which links the southern and northern coasts of Papua New Guinea. The Kokoda Trail was the scene of one of the bloodiest campaigns of World War 2 - a campaign that was vital to Australia's own security.

How did kokoda track get its name?

The Kokoda Track is a road in Papua New Guinea, famous for being the site of a World War II battle. There is much debate over whether it should be called the Kokoda Track or Kokoda Trail; however, in 1972, it officially became the Kokoda Trail.

Where can you find information about the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea including details of the battle and living conditions?

See the Web Links to the left for information on Kokoda conditions. On the one titled 'Kokoda Trail I,' don't miss a second link they have to 'Kokoda Track II'.

What was the battle of kokoda?

The Kokoda Trail Campaign or Kokoda Track Campaign ,located in Papua , New Guinea , was a series of battles fought between July and November 1942 between Japanese and mostly Australian combatants .

How long is the kokoda trail?

The Kokoda Trail is about 96km and it goes across the Owen Stanley Ranges from Ower's Corner (North of Papua New Guinea's Capital Port Moresby) to Kokoda village. It's important to know that there is not one definite Kokoda Trail, but rather many different smaller tracks that lead across the Mountains. They part and converge to form the area which is known as the Kokoda Trail (or Kokoda Track).

What are facts about the kokoda trail?

The Kokoda Trail was the sight of the most significant battle fought by Australians in World War II, against Japanese invaders. Over 625 Australians were killed and 1000 wounded. The Kokoda Trail is a narrow track over the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea.

Which place is famous in Papua New Guinea?

The Kokoda Trail, which was the scene of a bitter campaign between Australia and the US against the Japanese in World War II, is probably the most famous place in Papua New Guinea.

What is the Kokoda trail?

The Kokoda Track is a route in Papua New Guinea which leads from the village of Kokoda across the mountains into Papua towards Port Moresby. It was the route used by a small Japanese force in 1942 to attack Port Moresby. Their attack petered out as they ran out of ammunition and food,, and an Australian counter-attack in strength was mounted. It ended the southward drive by Japanese forces. in Papua New Guinea.

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