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The number of people who watched the Trisha Show in 2007 is unknown.

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Q: How many people watched the Trisha Show in 2007?
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Whoopi Goldberg-The View Oprah Winfrey-The Oprah Winfrey Show Patricia 'Trisha' Goddard - Trisha Goddard, Trisha.

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Trisha is a name derived from Patrica which means noble. It is also the former name of a British talk show now known as Trisha Goddard after the host.

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Trisha Goddard is a TV presenter and actress who was born in London, UK on December 23, 1957. Trisha has hosted her own talk show, entitled, Trisha, which aired on the ITV channel in the United Kingdom.

Is there a black talk show host named Trisha?

Yes. Patricia 'Trisha' Goddard is a black British talk show host. She was born in the UK, her mother is from Dominica.

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