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What did they eat at Norman banquets?

What did the Normans eat at a banquet?

How much does a banquet cost?

The cost of a banquet depends on many things: the place of the banquet, the number of people served, the foods that are served, etc. The only way to get an accurate price for a banquet is to discuss the details with the places you are considering having the banquet, or if you are having the banquet at your home, the caterer.

How many people attended a medieval banquet?

Mucha gente

How many people died in the Norman Conquest?

the amount of people who died in the norman conquest were over 1000 people!

How many syllables in banquet?

Banquet has two syllables.

What is a banquet?

A banquet is a formal dinner for many people often to honor someone.A banquet is a large feast of complete courses like main course and dessert. They are usually organized for social and charitable purposes

Who else was missing from the banquet table?

Banquo and Macduff were the only people missing from the banquet

What does banquet mean?

A great meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed by many people!

How many people can you fit into a 5000 square foot space?

300 banquet seating

What is a good sentence using banquet?

At the town square a grand banquet was held. At the banquet people had a buffet and lots of formal speeches were made

How do you put the word banquet in a sentence?

A banquet is a feast. Here are some sentences.The banquet featured foods from many nations.Our church group had a formal banquet to welcome the new minister.We had a seven course banquet at the restaurant.

What is a good adjective goes with banquet?

annual banquetawards banquetretirement banquetsports banquet

Is the word banquet a noun?

Yes, the word banquet is a noun, a singular, common noun; a word for a formal dinner for many people often in honor of someone or an important occasion, a word for a thing.

How many pages does Beggars Banquet - book - have?

Beggars Banquet - book - has 374 pages.

What happens at a ancient Roman banquet?

People gather for food and drink, entertainment etc. Much the same as a modern banquet.

How can you use the word banquet in a sentence?

Our whole family attended Dad's retirement banquet. The wedding reception is at a banquet hall downtown. The coach handed out trophies at the awards banquet. The overjoyed father held a huge banquet for his son who returned home after so many years.

How many people did Norman Bates kill?

more than a couple of people LoL p)

Does carry banquet tables?

No, doesn't carry banquet tables. They do carry folding picnic tables but they are small, for 4 people. You can try for banquet tables though. They sell for $199.

How many people can fit comfortably at a 10'x3' banquet table?

Depends on how tightly you squeeze them together.

How does lady macbeth explains her husband's wild behavior at the banquet?

She tells the other people at the banquet that her husband hasn't feeling good recently

What is the average hourly wage for a banquet waitress?

for banquets I started out at the minimum wage for adolecents, which was about $5.25/hr, we also receieved $15.00 tips no matter how many people we served a banquet. now I'm up to $7.00/hr...

Who is related to Norman Coburn the actor?

There are many people that i no related to Norman coburn. He moved to tazmania Australia after being on home and away for many, many years. He is related to people living in NSW Australia but no famous people that you would know. He has a sister and many cousins and a very kind aunty. HOPE I HELPED :)

What is a banquet hall?

A "banquet hall" is a place where people go to celebrate an event, such as a wedding, bar mitzvah, retirement, birthday, sweet sixteen, etc.

What is the function of banquet in hotel department?

Banquet Department is responsible in making banquet services.

What continent is the dead sea in?

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