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== == Your question makes very little sense. There were NO land battles on the British Isles during WW2. A small number of German air craft pilots and bomber crews were shot down and captured and spent the rest of the war as POW's. A small number of German agents/spies were also captured, after being parachuted into Britain, and they were quickly caught, and were shot after a trial. It seems to me that you don't understand what the term United Kingdom means in terms of geography. It does NOT refer to European countries, like France or Holland. It DOES refer to England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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Q: How many people were captured in the UK in World War 2?
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How many people were captured in the American Civil War?

there was a bunch of people captured but know one knows really how many there were in all

When World War 2 people were captured what happend to them?

they went to prisoner-of-war camps.

How many American spies were captured during world war 2?

116 OSS Officers KIA more were captured and released after war

How many people were captured in Auschwitz during World War 2?

none, it was a concentration camp, everyone was already in custody.

How many enigma machines were captured in world war 2?


How many POWs were captured in world war 2?

Almost all of them.

How many Russian soldiers were captured in World War 2?


Did people get captured in the Boer war?

Yes, many people were captured and both sides had prisons that were bad enough to be termed 'concentration camps'.

How were victims treated in World War 1?

It depends on what is meant by a victim in this case. People can be considered a victim in any situation whether they are kidnapped or killed, and many people during World War I were killed, while some were also captured, and became prisoners of war.

What happend in World War I?

People died :(There were so many things that happened in World War One. For instance there were alliances formed like the Tripe Alliance, there were many deaths and slaves being captured among other things.

How many American soldiers in world war 2 were Captured Missing?

the ywere 1,000,567

How many prisoners of war died in Germany during World War 2?

5.62 million out of 8.73 million captured

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where is world war 1 come from?how many years a go in world war 1?what is world war 1?how many people dead in world war 1?who is win in world war 1?how many people live in world war 1?when the world war 1 start?how many helicopter they use?when thwe world war fished?

How many were captured during the Holocaust?

From this day, people are still not sure and in total nobody can really estimate how many prisoners were held durind the Second world war in Germany. :P

How was Heinrich Himmler captured after the World War 2?

he was never even captured he committed suicide

What did many people call World War 2?

The War or World War 2.

Was Berlin captured in world war 2?


How many POWs were there in world war 2?

8.12 million Axis soldiers were captured by allies 8.505 million ally soldiers were captured by axis

How many people were killed in the south during the civil war?

250,000 people ( not including people missing captured kiddnapped or killed by sickness)

Did danish troops retreat to Norway when Denmark was defeated in World War 2 or were they captured by the Germans?

they were captured

How many people died in the vietnamese war?

58,148 Americans killed 114 captured or died in captivity

How many British soldiers were captured during the War of 1812?

Almost 40,000 were captured by American soldiers as prisoners of war.

How many American pilots were captured in world war 2?

100,000 in Europe 10,000 in Pacific

How many Danish Jews were not captured by the Germans in World War 2?

A litlle less than the 8.000 living there.

What are the effects of world war two on Asian countries?

Japan captured many parts of Asia during WWII

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