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Three phases are present.


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There are three phases. You can separate this through chromatography. follow me on instagram @hotgirlnee_

Vinegar is a mixture of water and acetic acid.

At least 2, the number of phases depends on the number of substance in the mixture.

There are three phases.

A Homogeneous mixture has only one phase

Sand would lay on the bottom, water would occupy the middle, and oil would float on the top. So, in a tall tube of all three substances, careful extraction from three heights of the tube would separate as required.

A homogeneous mixture has only one phase.

A homogeneous mixture would contain one phase.

A salad contain many components and two phases.

In a heterogeneous mixture components are not thoroughly mixed and the mixture properties have a gradient, components are visicle, many phases exist, the material is not uniform. Examples: a rock, a soup, soil, dirty water, wastes, non miscibles liquids etc.

Homogenous Mixture- is a mixture that can't be identified easilyHeterogenous Mixture- is a mixture whose composition can easily be identified since there are 2 or more phase presentSo I can say that chlorophyll is not heterogenous mixture,because if it is mix in the water for example many people cant identified it easily.

basic soil consists of sand, silt, and clay. there may be stones, water, and organic matter present.

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 for you

yes water is mixture of many impure substances and bacteria.even pure water has some bacterias.

depends on what salt it is and the purity of the water. if the water is 100% pure , then it contains only hydrogen and oxygen as molecules and if it is common salt then it contains sodium and chlorine as molecules

It is a mixture of many, many compounds: the major one is water.

Ice (solid water) has 15 known phases; see the link below for the phases diagram.

Its a mixture. Drinking water, especially tap water, is not just H2O. There are many things in it such as chlorine and fluorine

Pacific Ocean is a body of water on the Earth.Of course an ocean water is a mixture.

Rain water is a mixture because contain many impurities.

Only one phase, a homogeneous solution.

4 main phases but 8 normal phases

No calories are present in water

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