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According to a study done by UCN, an average of 12.4 billion calls everyday.

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How many phone calls are made every day?

how many phone calls are made every day on mobile phones in the united states?

How many phone calls made daily?

It depends when you make calls.

Look up calls made from a cell phone?

Usually, you can go to Calls Sent and Recieved on the main menu of your phone. Then, you go to to sent, and it will list all the calls you have made.

can I view the calls made from my phone?

If you press redial and then use the arrow key if available you should be able to view the calls made from your phone.

What did they do with the cell phones?

They made phone calls with them.

How many phone calls are made daily in the US?

I estimate about 2 billion calls are made in a day.

How many more text messages than phone calls were made last year?

there was 160% increase in text messaging than phone calls were made

Can you see your calls made on your phone online?

Ask your cell phone provider, but usually you can.

Are text messages used more than phone calls?

in 2010 twelve times as many texts were made than phone calls

What is a phone made out of?

the mobile phone is made up of plastic, metals and micro chips, which allows you to make calls from one phone to another.... XD **=?

Is an Ipad a mobile phone?

No it is a tablet. But phone calls can be made through the use of certain apps

Want to see all calls made?

look at recent calls or try notebook on a cell phone. redial or press the green button for recent calls or just check out the phone bill.

What obstacles did the cell phone makers have when they made the cell phone?

They needed to have a way to transmit the calls. Their solution was cell phone towers which allow the phones to carry a signal and make calls.

Which country makes the most personal phone calls on Mother's Day?

Answer I seriously doubt you will find the answer you are looking for as generally phone companies aren't supposed to be listening into your phone calls and there-fore no records of what phone calls are made on Mother's Day or Fathers Day are kept.

what to do if your mobil phone is being tracked how do i go about finding out who is tracking it?

Every mobile phone has a few digits long unique ID number and it is noted down when calls are made/received by you. If someone is tracking your calls, you can get the unique ID no of the spy followed by phone no of the spy. But the cooperation of your cell phone operator is a must in tracking the person who has cloned your SIM card/ or tracking your all calls. Contact your operator service first to know from which number/ server the calls are taped.

Is a consumer responsible for fraudulent calls made on a stolen cell phone?

A consumer is not responsible for fraudulent calls made on a stolen cell phone. However, it might take some time to get the charges reversed,

How do I find out if someone is using my phone when Im sleeping?

Look at your call history. Go online to your account, and all calls made and received are available there, if you think they're deleting the calls they made from your phone.

Is monitoring a employees phone calls while at work legal?

while at the work place it is always legal to monitor the employees' phone calls. But consider that, this should be limited to the calls made by the employee from the telecom facility provided by the office. Do not intervene into calls made by the employees from their personal mobile phones.

How do you make phone calls with the Ipod Touch?

Phone calls cannot be made on the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch does not have the capabilities to make a phone call. But you can go on face time which is like skype

What is the difference between iPhone and tab?

An iPhone is a phone that people can make phone calls from. A tablet is similar to a computer and is bigger than an iPhone, and calls can not be made from a tablet.

Can calls show up on landline bills?

Generally, the bill for a land line phone has an itemized list of long distance phone calls made. If you want local calls and toll free calls, contact the business office of your phone service provider. Many phone companies at least in Australia are offering free long distance calls if you bundle broadband so calls under these type of arrangements would not be itemised.

Can cops listen in to cellphone calls?

YesAdded: Actually anybody can listen to cell phone calls. Cell phone calls are made over open radio frequencies. With the proper radio equipoment ANYBODY can listen in on them.

How do you tell what calls were made when my cellphone was stolen?

Call the phone company and request the record

can I trace my cell phone ?

If you are the legal owner, you can get copies of call logs and locations where calls were made from the cell phone service provider.

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