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A 32 megabyte memory card can usually hold around 25 photos. However, a 10 megapixel photo will take up more space than a 5 megapixel photo therefore, this size memory card will only be able to hold 6 or 7 pictures.

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Q: How many photos does a 32mb memory card hold at 10 megapixels?
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How many pictures can a 32mb memory card hold in 5.1 mega pixel sony camera?

About 6-8 photos.

How much does 32MB memory card hold?

about 13 stuff

How many pictures can a 2gb memory card hold at 3.2 megapixels?

How many pictures can a 2 gb memory card hold at 3.2 megapixels?

How many pictures can be stored on a 20 MB memory card?

are you sure you mean 20MB? if so, then it can store about 15 photos at 5 megapixels.

Does every PSP come with memory stick?

yes. The minimal memory card you get with the psp is 32mb.

How many color photos can a 2gb memory card hold?

The number of color pictures that can be stored on a 2GB memory card will vary depending on the megapixels and file size of the photo. It can vary between 1430 photos when the photos are 4 MP and have a file size of 1.2 MB to 260 photos when the photos are 22 MP and have a file size of 6.6 MB.

How much is a 32 mb memory card?

1GB=1024Mb 1MB=1024Kb Than 32Mb Is equal to 32786kb 32Mb=32768kb

How many pictures in a 256MB SD card?

Depends on the quality of your photo: * 3 Megapixels - 200 photos * 5 Megapixels - 150 photos * 8 Megapixels - 65 photos These are estimates, all images have slightly different file sizes

How do you transfer photos to memory card?

If the photos are on your computer and you want to put them on the memory card you need to connect the two. Put your memory card in your memory card reader slot on your computer. Then you can copy and paste or drag and drop the photos to the memory card.

How many photos are stored on a 1 GB SD card?

At 2 Megapixels 1119 At 3 Megapixels 996 At 5 Megapixels 395 At 8 Megapixels 290 At 10 Megapixels 221

How many photos will an 8GB SD memory card hold?

What type of file is it, how many megapixels, what the quality of the picture is, etc... it depends on the quality of image

If you take the memory card out of a digital camera will there still be pictures on the camera?

No. The photos are saved to the memory card, so if you remove the card, there are no photos in the camera.

How many pictures can you store with 1GB memory card at 11 megapixels?

About 300

What size memory card is best for cameras over 8 megapixels?

For an 8 megapixel camera I would suggest a 2MB memory card,

Which has more space a 1GB memory card or a 512MB memory card?

1GB memory card has more space. The capacity of the memory cards are various, such as, 16MB 32MB. There are lots of memory cards on this website: You can have a look.

How many photos can a 70MB memory hold?

It depends on the quality of the photographs and the megapixels of the camera. Without this information all we can do is hazard an inaccurate guess. On average one picture is 1mb. Unless the megapixels of your camera is higher quality. If each image was 1mb, you can store around 70 images on a 70mb memory card.

How do you copy photos from Email to memory card?

Download it to your computer and then save into the memory card

How many photos can yo take with a 4GB memory card?

You can't take any photos with a memory card, it's not a camera. You can store photos on it, how many depends on what size they are.

How many pictures can a 2 GB memory card hold?

it depends on what size the photos are. If you have a maybe 5 gb or 8gb camera you wont fit a lot on a 2Gb memory card. It varies from about 40 to several thousand, depending on file type, resolution and compression. Top end JPEGS on a 6 MB camera would fit about 600 on a 2 GB card. Cameras are rated in megapixels, not gb as above; certainly most cameras these days are in the range of 5 megapixels to 12 megapixels.

How many pictures can a 2gb memory card hold?

It does depend on your camera and amount of megapixels. If you're doing mostly still shots, 2gb can range from holding 200 to 900 photos. If you have a Lexar card it is usually around 560

What does a memory card for a camera do?

Store photos.

How many photos does 2gb memory card hold at 12 megapixels?

If you are shooting in Jpg format, what most people use, and each photo is 12 mega pixels the average size of each photo will come out to be about 2.5 MB, allowing the card to hold about 798 photos. If you were shooting in raw each photo would be a size of about 18 MB allowing you to fit about 112 photos on the card. So if you shoot in raw and empty your card frequently a 2 GB memory card will fit enough photos in with no prob. I have a 2 GB card and shoot Jpg and have never ran out of room.

How many photos can you take with 6.2 megapixels?

it depends how much mega pixels the card has ~becca<3

How many pictures can a 32gb memory card hold?

Depends on the amount of megapixels, if 4MP then then 22888. If 22MP then 4161, photos compressed. If uncompressed 4MP is 2288 and 22MP is 416. Then there is all the MP's in between

Can't see pictures on my mobile phone from a memory card?

Photos are on the memory card, but are not displayed on the phone.