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How many pictures and videos does a 1GB SD memory chip hold?

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2009-01-18 15:59:55

There is no magic number. It depends on the size of the image in

pixels, the quality or compression selected and to a small extent,

even the amount of detail in the subject. The pixels and

compression options vary by camera model. You can usually change

the settings between shots and end up with a mix of different sized

images. In the case of video, the answer could be as little as one


The manual for the camera will have a table that gives you

guidelines based on the settings it has. If you don't have the

manual, you can look for an electronic copy or specifications on

the manufacturer's web site.

Or, when the card is empty, you can set the camera for the

picture size and quality you will use most and then see how many

shots the cameras display says it has room for or how many shots

are left.

If all else fails (for example, you don't own this camera yet

and cant find specs), estimate the average file size you will be

shooting using a similar model and divide that into the size of the

memory card you are thinking about buying (both numbers must be in

the same units. If you know the file size in megabytes, then change

the card size to megabytes by multiplying GB times 1000). Don't use

a sample photo of the sky or a plain white background. Take a photo

with plenty of detail and color. [[User:Srobidoux|Srobidoux]]

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