How many pictures on a 8GB memory card in 12 megapixel camera?

"If you take 8GB and divide it by 12MPixels you get 8,000,000,000 divided by 12,000,000 which works out to 666 photos. You will get more than that because digital cameras use a form of compression for the pictures so each photo takes up less space. You could round up to about 700 photos or more."

The answer above is totally bogus. The number of pixels in a picture is not directly related to the file size (in other words, a 12 megapixel picture is NOT 12 megabytes in size). While it depends on a lot of different factors, a 12 megapixel JPEG file is usually around 2.5MB. This means you should be able to fit around 3000 pictures on an 8GB memory card.

you are both wrong a 8gb compressed memory card can hold 1907 pictures

You have three choices above, A, B, and C. The real answer is C, 1907 pictures. How do you know for sure, check out the related link.