How many pictures will a 2GB memory card in a 10 mega pixel digital camera hold?

there will be some variation but around 140 raw images Just to give some idea of the fairly huge amount of variation as mentioned above, I happen to own a 10 mp Nikon P5000 with an empty 2 gb SD card. This particular camera does not have RAW capability (I wish it did), but it does offer three different compression ratios of JPEG.
* In 10m "normal" (1:8 compression) mode it will hold 794 images. This is my personal standard, and the default. It is equivalent to 22 rolls of 35mm 36 exposure film.
* In 10m "fine" (1:4 compression) mode the card will hold 402 images. * In 10m ""basic" (1:16 compression) mode, the same card will hold 1,550 images, and we haven't yet changed the image size. This particular camera also offers nine choices of image size, which also affects the total number of captures possible on the same 2 gb card. I recently carefully tested all three compression ratios for visible quality differences, and concluded that while the "fine" quality was very nice, it (for me at any rate) did not offer enough of a visible increase in quality to sacrifice half the space on the card, so I stick with "normal." addendum: never occured to me to look at what jpeg would offer. the lowest quality and smallest image would put over 5K jpg images on a 2 GB card for me with my 10.2 MP pentax K10D. in general though I shoot in raw on three 4 GB cards