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BTX motherboards use a 24-pin power connector.

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How many pins does the main power connector on a BTX board have?

== == 24-pins

What are main components in a computer tower?

here is one of the main components that powers every thing is the mouther board and there is a battery on the mouther board that is to save your files during a power outage with out it the computer would not power up and the floppy drive and the hard drive

What is a p1 connector?

A P1 connector is a power connector found on ATX power supplies. It is used to provide main power to the motherboard, and to control ACPI functionality (tell the power suppy to turn off and back on).

What is the power supply that has two connectors to supply the main power to the motherboard?

If it as a 20 or 24 pin connector and a 4 pin connector then it is a ATX power supply.

Which power supply connector is the main motherboard power connector on most motherboards today?

The most common power supply connectors for motherboards will be either a 20 or 24 pin connector. Older unit used less pins like the ATX but the cure standard is the 20 or 24 pin main connector.

What is the main circuit board in a dot-matrix printer called?

It is the control circuitry that includes all the connectors head including the supporting boards also. To identify this i.e. to name it as main board the steeper motor and carriage motor power connection is attached to this board. The main board includes the controller IC/CPU that controls the data buffering. the supporting ICs may transform the data in bit stream to generate the electrical pulses. Only in main board the Adapter power connector is attached which is markedly difference from any dependent board.

How many pins does the main power connector on a btx motherboard have?

24 pins

How xbox360 works?

It works like a computer. You have a main board with intergated graphics and network card. When the power cable to connected and the xbox turns on. The board will start up and boot other devices like hard drive, disk drive etc.

What are parts of computer?

CPUMother BoardProcessorPower SupplyMain memoryHard DriveVideo CardMonitorKeyboardMouse

Which connections should be provided to a floppy disk drive during installation?

Connecting a floppy Drive in a Desktop ComputerYou should connect the 4-Pin 12 Volt non-molex Connector from the power supply to the power input of the Floppy Disk Drive, also the IDE ribbon cable from the FDD output on the Main-board to the FDD input on the Floppy Disk Drive, with the pink stripe on the outside of the FDD Input & Output sockets, it is important to make sure you are grounded to the case whilst doing this with the PC Power Cord plugged in but switched off

How many pins are there on the main ATX power connector of power supplies using the ATX12v 2x standard?


What key connector mean?

the main connector

My Samsung TV is power cycling after the main board was replaced. Why is the new board not working?

It could be due to a fault on the power supply board (Bad Caps). Assuming the 'main board' refers to the main processor board.It could be due to the new board not being an exact replacement.There could be a short circuit on the main board, taking one of the supply lines down.The plug in cables may not be seated properly or in the wrong socket.

The function of ide cable?

An IDE cable connects a hard drive or CD drive to the main board of the computer.

Does computer supply takes main power and transforms it to the voltages?

Your power supply unit, PSU. Takes AC power and distributes so much power to each connector. Each PSU, depending on the wattage of the unit gives each connector so much voltage. Each connector is designed for a certain piece of hardware that requires different voltage.

How many pins are in the power supply connector on a motherboard?

There are usually 24 pins for main power. The processor uses either 4 pin or 8 pin power connectors.

Do nuclear submarines generate nuclear power on the submarine?

Yes, nuclear submarines generate nuclear power. There is a nuclear reactor on board (hence the tern nuclear submarine) which creates steam to drive the main engines to turn the screw(s).

What are the parts of a laptop?

The key components in a laptop are:System Board also called MotherboardRAM which is the memoryHard DriveProcessor which is the CPU of the laptopKeyboardCD/DVD Optical DriveCooling FanVideo Card/Graphics CardAudio Board/Sound BoardWireless Network CardScreen Inverter BoardScreen Cable/Video CableAC/DC Power AdapterMain Battery

What hard drive is compatible with an Asus M3A78 motherboard?

Any SATA drive will work, that board even has an IDE input so older drives that require a ribbon cable will also still work. But there`s no sense in that, so get a good Western Digital or Seagate SATA II drive and you`re good too go. Motherboards do not care what Brand of drive you install, only how the drive connects to the board, which nowadays the main connector type is the SATA port. The drive will be automatically recognized and initialized once it`s installed, then you just partition (if you wish) and format it.

What is motherboard port?

mother board is the central printed circuit board in many modern computers.It holds many of the crucial components of the system.It is known as main board also which has a port to connect the USB drive.

How does a Playstation 2 console work?

Same as any other console. The main chip gives commands to every other hardware part. To let it have power, you will be provided a power supply, this will give the main board power.

What is the function of the riser card?

The function of the riser card is to pick up various signal lines from the main board. This is a form of printed circuit which works through a single connector.

The board is the main circuit board of the system unit?

The main circuit board of a computer is referred to as the motherboard.

How can I repair an Acer Aspire 4520 DC Power Jack?

You will need to remove the main board from the laptop to re-solder the power jack connections, if indeed this is the problem, which in my experience is usually the case. The power adapter cord being pulled from the jack by tripping over it or dropping the unit is very common and can tear the jack loose from the main board. Removing the main board can be a tricky and delicate operation and if you aren't experienced in soldering I wouldn't bother trying it, but if you or someone you know is experienced at soldering then you can probably find directions for removing the main board by doing an on-line search.

The main circut board of the system of a computer?

The main circuit board is the motherboard.

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