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How xbox360 works?

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It works like a computer.

You have a main board with intergated graphics and network card. When the power cable to connected and the xbox turns on. The board will start up and boot other devices like hard drive, disk drive etc.

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How can you play Star Wars battle front on x box 360?

it works with xbox and xbox360 i have played it on xbox360 and it works

Can xbox360 games be copied?

yes it only works on your xbox360 if you have a modded xbox which i dont recommend

Can someone explain how xbox360 live works please?

I have placed a youtube video about how xbox live works.

Does a Guitar Hero guitar work on computers?

Yes it works if you have a PS3 or XBOX360 guitar.

Can you plug an iPod up to a PS2 and listen to the music on it?

No, I think that only works with the Xbox360.

Can you do coop in Mercenaries 2 on PS2?

No but u can on xbox live for xbox360 and it works thts tge only one tht works

Which works better for motion sensor wii or xbox360?

deends do you mean any motion sensor? for either one it is xbox360 it detects your movement and moves the motion sensor to your body

Will the secret armory of general knoxx dlc for borderlands work offline on xbox360?

It should, it works fine for me and my friends.

Can diffrerent xbox360 account go on more than one xbox360?

Yes you can have multiple accounts and switch between them. Works well if you have two people who want to compete for highest gamerscore. They can be Gold or Silver accounts.

What is better xbox360 or playsation?


In what year the xbox360 pro released?

i have a question is the xbox360 elite the same as an xbox360 pro

How do you get all crystals on Star Wars the force unleashed?

use cheat code HURRICANE. It works only for xbox360 and ps3

Does the xbox360 have HD?

actually the xbox360 does have HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a Xbox360 portable?

No there is no Xbox360 portable versions

What is the difference of a xbox360 and a xbox360?

there is no difference, they are the same -_-

Can you play an xbox360 Kinect with an xbox360 controller?


Will Japanese Xbox360 games work on Xbox360?


How much is xbox360?

it depends on what type you buy really xbox360 ARCADE $199.99 xbox360 PRO (60GB) $299.99 xbox360 ELITE (120GB) $399.99

Is a ps2 better than xbox360?

HELLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ NO! A PS2 is much cheaper than an Xbox360, but other than that, an Xbox360 is probably better. xbox360 has better games

How many xbox 360 games have been sold?

100986 have been sold i know because my dad works at the xbox360 shop

What is the best game system ps3 or xbox360?

PS3 works with a Portable PSP or PS Vita and the Xbox 360 does not have a portable for when your away.

Can you play xbox360 games on the xbox360 connect?

If you are referring to the kinnect then yes. There are several games out already, and much more in the works. It can also be used for video chat. The kinnect uses three cameras to map out your body movements and moves with your body.

Can you use your wireless xbox360 controller on your friends xbox360?

Yes. All you need to do is re-sync it to their Xbox360.

Which console last longer ps3 or xbox360?


Is fifa 09 better on ps3 or xbox360?