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I'd say its around about 1.5 billion... :/

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3 milion a day

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Thousands of planes fly each year.

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Q: How many planes fly each year?
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How many Americans fly on planes each year?

About 100 million

How many people fly to Canada each month?

Answering "How many people fly to Canada each year?

How many planes fly over Cuba daily?

There are millions of planes that fly over Cuba on a daily basics. There is to many to count.

Where are bush planes known to fly?

There are many places where bush planes are known to fly. Bush planes are known to fly in places such as the Alaskan tundra, the Australian outback, and the Canadian north.

Can planes fly?

Of course, planes can fly.

How many planes fly everyday?


What planes don't fly anymore?


How many planes do west jet fly?


How many planes does west jet fly?


Do planes fly New Year's Day?

Yes, people are trying to get home.

What percent of Americans fly in planes daily?

About 8-10% of Americans fly on planes daily. This is about 1.73 million flyers each day. Passengers, however, are not just relegated to large commercial flights. In fact, the percentage includes individuals that fly on small commuter planes, helicopters, and even private planes daily.

How many planes fly over Ukraine daily?

The planes that fly over Ukraine daily depend on how many flights go out daily,and the delays and cancelations that occur daily.