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How many planets the size of earth can fit in the moon?

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none cause the moons smaller than earth

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How many planets the size of earth can fit in the sun?

you can fit 1million planets the size of earth in the sun

How many planets the size of Earth can fit on Jupiter?

Over 1,000 planets the size of Earth can fit on Jupiter.

Is there an earth like planet the size of earth's moon?

No planets like Earth of any size have been discovered. For a planet the size of the Moon to have Earth like characteristics, it would have to have a much larger iron core in order to hold on to an atmosphere.

What Size Was The Object That Collided With Earth When It Was Still Forming?

Many objects collided with Earth during its formation, ranging in size from dust grains to small planets. The one believed to be responsible for the formation of the moon was about the size of Mars.

Is the moon the same size as moons of the other terrestrial planets?

No. The Moon is large compared to Earth. Almost all other moons are much smaller relative to the planets they orbit.

What is the size of the moon compared to the earth?

The moon is approximately 27% of the size of Earth

How does earth rate in terms of size to the other planets?

Earth rates third of the planets because of its thrid place in size.

What are the two planets about the same size?

In our solar system the two planets that are closest in size are the Earth and Venus.

How is the earths moon different from the Moon's of other planets?

In size and mass it is enormous compared to it's parent planet - The Earth.

How many times bigger is the Earth from the Moon?

The diameter of the Earth is 12,742 km. The diameter of the Moon is 3,474 km. This means that the moon is approximately 27% the size of the Earth or around 1/4. To answer your question more directly, the Earth is about 4 times the size of the Moon.

Is the universe bigger than the earth?

Yes. The universe is everything. It contains Earth, the moon, the planets and all of the stars. Compared to the size of the universe, Earth is not even a mote of dust.

How are the size and mass of the moon different for that of the earth?

Size: The Moon has about 1/4 of the diameter of Earth. Mass: The Moon has about 1/81 of the mass of Earth.

How big is the earth to the moon?

The moon is about 1/4th the size of the Earth.

What planets are smaller than earth?

There are three other planets smaller than the Earth; Mercury (smallest), Mars, and Venus (nearly the same size as Earth).Eris, Ceres, Haumea, and Makemake are all dwarf planets, smaller than our moon. Pluto and Charon are also dwarf planets, even though they have moons.

What planet is the closest in size to earth?

Of the known planets, Venus is closest in size to the Earth.

How are the inner planets different from each other?

The Inner planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. They are the planets closest to the sun. They are similar in that they all have solid surfaces, are almost the same size and have at least one moon.

Why does the sun and moon look the same size to us on earth?

The sun is millions of times bigger than the moon, but the moon is many times closer to Earth.

Which 2 planets are similar in many ways?

Probably venus and earth. They are called the sister planets because they are similar in size and have many features in common.

Compared to the size of the earth the Jovian planets are?

The Jovian planets are all much larger than Earth. See related link for a size comparison

How are the moons different from planets?

the moons orbit the planet but the planets orbit the sunMoons revolve round planets. Planets revolve round suns.___________AlternateThe truth is that planets orbit round their moons, or more precisely a planet and its moon(s) orbit around their barycenter, the center of gravity of the planet-moon system. This is true for the earth, but this orbital motion of earth is less noticeable than the orbital motion of the smaller moon. I think the real difference between planets and their moons is relative size.

What planets are the closest in size?

Venus and Earth. They are often called brother planets.

Put these in size order sun moon and earth?

sun, moon, and earth Lergest to smallest: Sun, Earth, moon

Is mercury or the moon closer to earth's size?

Mercury is larger than the moon and so is closer in size to Earth than the moon is. It should be noted that Mercury is closer in size to the moon than it is to Earth.

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