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Literally, millions. 63% of the Mexican territory - almost two times the size of Texas - is covered by forests of many kinds, including scrub forests (arid climate), boreal, temperate and subtropical highland forests (temperate climate) and tropical rainforests (warm climate).

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You mean like vegetation? Or power plants of some kind? Or industrial plants of some company? You should refine your question.

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Q: How many plants does Mexico have?
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What type of plants can be found in Mexico?

Mexico can have many plants. One of these plants are cactuses.

What plants are in Mexico?

Cactus are in Mexico

How many types of chilies are there in Mexico?

There are over 100 species of chili pepper found in Mexico, as such plants are native to such country.

What are some Native plants to Mexico?

Here is a list of some native plants to Mexico:Christmas cactusTunitasAgaveDayflowerGoose grassCoral treeCowfootThere are many more native Mexican plants.

How many nuclear power plants are in Mexico?

Mexico does NOT have nuclear weapons. Its of no use to us. Mexico has what many countries crave, no problems with other countries, so much so, that Mexico's military isn't trained for war, its just trained for defense inside the county. If Mexico began to produce nuclear weapons, it would mean a large split in US-Mexican relations, and Mexican-World relations.

Are tv's made in Mexico?

Many of them, yes. LG, Samsung, BenQ, Philips or Sony (and many more) have TV assembly plants located in Mexico.

Are there any unique plants in Cancun Mexico?

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What plants are native to Mexico?

There are a number of plants that are native to Mexico. These include ferns, agave, a variety of cactus plants, as well as Mexican jumping beans.

What are the native plants to Mexico?


Which plants are from Mexico?

The green sort.

What is New Mexico's vegetations?


What plants were brought into New Mexico?

Chiles were brought into New Mexico as a plant.