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you can do 1v1 2v2 or 3v3 teams.

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Q: How many players can you have on halo wars Xboxlive?
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Is halo wars co-op?

yes it is trust me I have it. but you have to have to have xboxlive or sistem link

How do you get Halo wars on 2 players without xbox live?

You cant, 2 players on Halo Wars is only online, if you do not have Xbox Live, you will not be able to play 2 players.

How many players are alllowed on halo wars on one Xbox 360 console?

2 or more players it has multiplayer option

Is halo wars multiplayer?

Yes, Halo Wars is a Xbox Live game, therefore you can play online against other players.

How many players are on the halo wars multi-player offline?

there is only one player offline and I think 16 players online.

Is halo wars two players?

yes it is, co-op and skirmish.

How can you play two players on halo wars live on one system?

you cant

Is NBA2K9 better or Halo Wars?

Halo Wars

Was halo ODST before halo wars?

no halo odst was arfter halo wars. it go's like this order for all of the halo games halo,halo2,halo3,halo wars,halo odst,halo reach

How many copies of halo reach have been sold?

halo,halo 2,halo 3,halo3 ODST,halo wars,halo reach

Are there any cheats for Halo Wars?

No, there are no cheats for Halo Wars.

Is halo wars on PC?

From what I know, there is no Halo Wars on the PC.

When did Halo Wars happen?

Halo Wars happened in 2009.

Is halo wars 2 players?

Halo Wars Is multiplayer Online Yes. You cannot go split screen though.. This would ruin the point of surprise , hence why bungie left it out of the game.

What is the newest halo out?

Halo wars

When was halo wars made?

Halo Wars was made in 2009, along with Halo 3 ODST

Is where a game like halo wars?

Do you mean "Where is"? A game like halo wars is called Halo.

How do you play halo wars on my PC?

find halo wars and click it

Is halo combat envoled halo wars?

No. Halo Combat Evolved happened about 20 years after the events of Halo Wars.

What is some information on the Microsoft game Halo Wars?

One can find information about Microsoft's game "Halo Wars" on many websites. For instance, the official Halo Wars website, Wikipedia, Game FAQs, and Halopedia are all places where one can find a wealth of information on "Halo Wars."

Who will make halo wars 2?

Actually, I don't think there will BE a Halo Wars 2. There's Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach. Those came after Halo Wars (correct me if I'm wrong).

Is halo wars on ds?

NO..... halo,halo ce,halo2,halo3,HALO WARS,halo odst and from bungie will be from x box system ONLY.

Where is the original online halo wars?

Lol there is no "original online Halo Wars"

Is halo wars going to have xbox live?

Halo Wars does have Xbox live.

How do you get halo wars unique paint jobs?

You have to had an ordered game of halo wars.