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How many players do you need to play soccer?


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it matters with age 11 v 11 is how it is played at the professional level (i think) but it is less when it's u12 I belive it is 11 players (including goalie).


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It is important because soccer players need a shitload of endurance to play

It depends on what age level. On some you play 8v8, but when you get older you play 11v11

11 players play for each team in a soccer match (including the goalkeeper.)

I am not sure but i think that many of them will not play college soccer for most just play at that age for something to entertain themselves with

for u10, players play 6v6, which means 6 players play on the field for a team at a time. the best number for players on a team would be about 10

There are 11 players on each side.

yes soccer players play very aggressively on the field.

There are 11 soccer players in a football (English name for 'soccer') team. However, there are 0 soccer players in an American football team, unless they play soccer as well as American football!

Soccer ball, soccer cleats, shin gaurds, soccer socks. A field and a net too.

In Total, eleven players can play on a soccer (football) field. For Example the basic 4-4-2 Formation in addition of the goalee.

Soccer is an international sport. There are many excellent players and managers that have originated from Scotland

11 players can play on a field at a time. The MLS roster has 20 players.11

you can play soccer in a group of as many as you want, however professional soccer is played by 11 players on each team with each team having up to 4 substitutes per match

11 players start for a soccer team. 2 teams of 11 players play against each other in a match so 22 players are on the pitch are on the pitch -- 3 substitutes are allowed in competitive matches

shirts,shorts,shinguards,socks,and cleats

They play soccer. Outside of the United States, the sport of soccer is known as football.

1/8th of students play soccer. 4/7ths of those that play soccer play varsity. Half of the varsity players are girls. If there are 560 students. How many girl varsity players are there? <<<< Thats the explanation of question on top. PLEASE ANSWER WITH STEP BY STEP.

Only eleven footballers in a club can play at a time.

Depends on how much you play, but usually soccer players BY FAR. (:

It's not soccer its football... skrtel..

Soccer, at least 8 players have to play all 90+ minutes without subs.

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