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Q: How many points could a court judgment cost perfect credit?
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If you have a judgment against credit and you hit lotto could they take it?

No, if you hit the lotto you should be able to pay the judgment in full, I hope? LOL

When the credit bureau report updated on a judgment exactly what could they have updated on a judgment that was filed 4 years ago except paid?

If it was not paid in full or settled, the judgment may have been renewed by the judgment holder. Most judgments are renewable and can be kept on a credit report for an undetermined amount of time.

If you have one thirty day late on your credit report how many points could it reduce your credit score by?


If a credit card company won a judgment against you in the state of Texas what can they do if you can't pay them?

Well, to start with a judgment stays on your credit for a minimum of 10 years until you pay it off. It could have an impact on your ability to buy a home, a vehicle, get other credit cards, etc.

Which is worse Charge off or judgment?

Depends how you look at it. They hurt your credit score the same if they are on your credit report. But they can be collected differently. If someone gets a judgment against you they can garnish your wages and take your tax refund. A charged off account is usually sent to collections and could possible be turned into a judgment. Either way, you still owe debt on both and they hurt your credit the same.

What if you paid a judgment is it on your credit?

Most likely. Judgments are among the legal items which can be reflected on an individual's credit report. The others are tax liens, foreclosures and bankruptcies. The status (paid or unpaid) is beside the point with legal items. What is needed is for the judgment to have its' proper "disposition". This would be a Satisfaction of Judgment or an Order to Vacate Judgment (dismissal). The disposition needs to be granted in the same jurisdiction as the original judgment and be recorded. You could then forward a certified copy to all three credit bureaus in order for the item to be properly reflected. The impact to your credit is severe, but having a disposition is necessary to prevent the legal item from stopping future borrowing efforts.

How would RV repo hurt credit rating?

How could it NOT hurt your credit rating? I'd say that you could easily slide 200 points having an RV repo on your record, and it could take years to recover from it.

Can you place a lien on a vacation home that you manage if the owner has not paid you?

You would need to bring an action in court and obtain a judgment against the owner. The judgment could be recorded in the land records and would perfect your lien against the property.

What happens when a credit card debt goes to litigation?

A credit card debt will be granted a judgment possibly and then the company can pursue you to collect the debt. A garnishment could even be awarded, although this is rare on unsecured debt.

How many points will your credit score drop if you go over your credit limit?

Make sure that you stay below 30% of the credit limit if you want to have a decent credit score. There is a scoring module that Credit Reporting Agencies go by that we as the consumers don't know about. I will tell from experience that your score could decrease anywhere from 10 - 20 points from each bureau that your account is being reported with.

Can I get a mortgage with a judgment against you from an unpaid credit card I have fairly good credit otherwise but I have a judgment against me for an unpaid credit card from 2003. Thank you?

one of 3 things could happen.1. denial of loan2. the mortgage company will pay the judgment and tac it on.3. or require you to pay it and provide proof that it is satisfied.*** here is what you need to do**tell the person who has the judgment you are considering filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, and that you will include them in it unless they agree to settle for 50% of the amount and agree to delete the judgment and the account from your crfedit file all 3 of them. make sure you get their signature in writing first and that you agree to pay them within 30 days .or you could dispute it with all 3 credit bureaus and hope they don't respond and it falls off but be aware all 3 credit bureaus and most creditors are computerized and will reponse very quickly. it will work out in your favor. STAND YOUR GROUND BE FIRM.

Can a credit card company have a lawyer put a lien on a home?

Lawyers do not have the authority to place liens on property. The creditor would need to sue you in court and win a judgment. It could then request a judgment lien that could be recorded in the land records. You could not sell or mortgage your property until the lien is paid off. The amount would continue to grow since the judgment creditor is entitled to interest and costs.

Can a collection agency have you arrested and sue you for the debt if you are unemployed and on Social Security Disability?

You cannot be arrested for failing to pay a debt. The collection could sue you, but the judgment would be nearly impossible to enforce. Your disability benefits cannot be taken or garnished to enforce the judgment. The most they could do is put the judgment on your credit rating, put a lien on your property and perhaps have some of your nonexempt property taken and sold to pay toward the judgment.

If a 7-year-old charged off card was sold to a lawyer who got a judgment 3 years ago and you made some payments to lawyer can the judgment be removed from your credit report due to age?

If the judgment was rendered 3 years ago, it will remain for at least another 4 years or it could remain for the entire period that the judgment is valid. Depending on state laws, that could be 10,20,30 or more years.

What is likely to happen if you have not paid credit card companies for a few months but you have moved and no one knows where you now liveand if you was to go on holiday abroad would you be arrested?

No you can't be arrested. If you have applied for a passport, you will have to list an address. Any future credit applications can be denied if current debt is unpaid. A judgment could be issued so if you were to apply for credit, in the future, the judgment [if any] may have to be paid first.

What are penalties of foreclosure?

You lose your home and any equity you had invested in it. If the eventual sale of the home does not cover your debt to the Lender, they may come after you for the difference. This could result in a judgment against you. Your credit score is adversely affected by the foreclosure, and possible judgment.

Can you garnish your daughter's wages on a cosigned loan?

You would need to sue her in court and obtain a judgment lien. You could use that judgment lien to garnish her wages.You would need to sue her in court and obtain a judgment lien. You could use that judgment lien to garnish her wages.You would need to sue her in court and obtain a judgment lien. You could use that judgment lien to garnish her wages.You would need to sue her in court and obtain a judgment lien. You could use that judgment lien to garnish her wages.

How long does a judgment stay on your credit report in florida?

Depends on how it was filed, but the judgment itself is valid a minimum of 5 years once it is awarded. Details can be found at The length of time a judgment may show on your credit report is established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law. FCRA 15 USC 1681c, Sec. 605, reads: "(a) Information excluded from consumer reports...(2) civil judgments...that from date of entry, antedate the report by more than seven years or until the governing statute of limiations has expired, whichever is the longer period." Certain states allow a judgment to be renewed. In Florida, a judgment is valid for 20 yeas, but must be re-recorded after the first 10 years. The re-recording could possibly trigger the judgment to appear on a consumers credit report.

Where can you find a free online movie of Pitch Perfect with no log in nor credit card info?

You could use megashare, viooz, and project free TV Or you could go to google and ask "Pitch perfect free online" Hope that helps

Can a person with a repossession purchase another vehicle?

Yes. However, please note: 1. If the creditor who repossessed your old vehicle sued you and obtained a judgment against you, you would have to pay the judgment in full before buying another car. Otherwise, the judgment could be attached to you new car, and it too would be repossessed. 2. After a repossession, you may find it hard to get financing for a vehicle. If you need financing, check with your local bank or lenders who specialize in giving loans to borrowers with less than perfect credit.

How to Save Money With Credit Cards with Rewards?

Many of the top credit card providers offer rewards credit cards to their best customers. These provide customers with a variety or reward options which could help save money a variety of ways. One situation when credit cards with rewards could help you save money is if you are on a road trip. When you have a credit card with rewards points you can often redeem them for free rental car purchases, discounts on gasoline, or a free night in a hotel. These points and savings could add up to hundreds of dollars of savings on your upcoming road trip.

How many points will your credit score go up if you make payments for 6 straight months?

== == Your score could increase anywhere from 10-60 points total. There is no concrete number, this is an estimation.

Can a credit card company place a lien on your house?

Yes. It could seek a civil judgment in court and if successful obtain a judgment lien that could be recorded in the land records. Their legal costs and interest will be added and the amount due will escalate. You cannot sell or mortgage the property until the lien is paid off.

How many points does a traffic ticket lower your credit score?

Traffic citations do not affect your credit score. Traffic citations for moving violations that result in a conviction for that offense (in other words, you don't contest the ticket) will affect your driving record and often can affect your insurance costs if your insurance company reviews your driving record. Your credit score is based on credit items where money was extended to you with a promise of repayment, such as credit cards, mortgage loans, and auto loans. If you do not pay a court debt and a judgment or collection item is reported against you it is feasible that it could eventually show on your credit report, although this may not be common.

Can credit card companies put a lien on a house for unpaid debt if you bought your house through an owner carry?

Yes, it is irrelevant how the property was purchased. If it is titled in the judgment debtor's name a lien can be placed on the property. The exception could be if the judgment debtor is married and does not live in a community property state and the spouse is not a co-judgment debtor.