How many pounds of barley in a bushel?


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48lbs of barly is in one bushel

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At the "standard moisture content" of 14.5% one bushel (1.244 cubic feet) of barley weighs 48 pounds.

A bushel of barley is, at the standard moisture content of 14.5%, 48 lbs or 1.244 ft3 of barley.

One kilogram of barley equals 0.045929625 of a bushel. In other words, it takes approximately 21.77 kilograms of barley to equal one bushel.

i believe the commercial weight of a bushel of barley is 48lbs

A bushel is determined by weight not by the number. The weight for a bushel of pears is 50 pounds and a bushel of peaches is 48 pounds.

3 1/2 pounds in a bushel Metta

A bushel of carrots weighs approximately 50 pounds.

One bushel of summer squash weighs about 40 pounds. One bushel of pears weighs 50 pounds, and one bushel of Irish potatoes weighs 56 pounds.

. . . is that a bushel of feathers, a bushel of cotton, a bushel of wheat, or a bushel of lead pellets? (A bushel is a volume, not a weight.)

Aprox. 48 pounds makes a bushel of cucumbers.

25 pounds is equal to a bushel of peas that are still hulled.

A bushel is a measure of volume not weight. If the question was "how many pounds of water in 1.9 bushel" then it could be answered: 1 bushel = 8 Imperial gallons = 80 pounds water so 1.9 bushels = 80 * 1.9 = 152 pounds water

the weight per bushel is 53 lbs.

It depends on the species of grain, though most are from 50 to 60 pounds to a bushel.

Assuming the barley meets test weight of 48 pounds (21.772 kilograms) per bushel, there are 45.93 bushels in a metric ton.

28 pounds of green beans is in a bushel excluding the container they are in!

A bushel of beets weighs 60 pounds. There are 53 pounds of tomatoes in a bushel, and 48 pounds of cucumbers in a bushel.

Most sources say 18 pounds of kale to the bushel, but a few say 20.

If the corn meets minimum standards, one bushel weighs 56 pounds.

About fifty pounds of peaches are in a bushel. Equivalent to 140 peaches .

1 bushel of tomatoes = 53 lbs

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