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1 raisin, and one sip of rainwater.

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Q: How many pounds of food does the french eat a year?
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How much french fries to Americans eat?

The average American can eat 29 pounds of French fries every year. With French fries and other foods combine, an American can eat a total of 2000 pounds of food each year.

How many pounds of food consumed by 4 members of family in a year?


A dog kennel uses 55lb of dog food per day how many pounds are used in a year?

20075 ponds is the amount of dog food that is used in a year if 55 pounds is used daily.If a dog kennel uses about 55 pounds of dog food per day, then in a year the dog uses about 20075 pounds.

How many pounds of spam is shipped to Hawaii each year?

There are 7 million pounds of spam is shipped to Hawaii each year.

How many pounds of fast food does the average American eat in a year?

200 ROFL

How many potatoes do frozen food processors handle?

8 billion pounds a year

What if your three dogs eat twenty-five pounds of dog food in two weeks how many pounds will they eat in one year?

about 600 pounds

How many pounds of food is imported into Hawaii?

about 10 every year. Believe it or not, Hawaiian's are light eaters

How much food does a red eyed tree frog eat in a year in pounds?

200-300 Pounds a year

How much food do you feed a pregnant husky?

5,000 pounds of food a year.

How many pounds does an orca gain a year?

about 1000 pounds a year.

How many pounds in a year can a person lose from not eating fast food?

It depends on how long you go without eating fastfood.