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Q: How many prey does a saber-toothed tiger have?
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What is a woolly mammoths predator?

Sabertoothed tiger

What is an adult saber-toothed tiger called?

The real scientific name for sabertoothed tigers of all ages was smilodon.

What is the prey of the white tiger?

The prey of a white tiger is anything that they sense that has meat.

Is a tiger a predator or prey?

A tiger is a predator.

How does a tiger attack its prey?

Generally a tiger will attack its prey by sneaking up on it first. A tiger's color helps to camouflage it in its environment.

How much does a saber-toothed tiger wiegh?

There were many kinds of sabertoothed cats, and they varied in size from that of a large house cat to that of a tiger or lion, and some were even bigger. The classic saber toothed "tiger" is called Smilodon and the South American species could weigh up to 500 kgs!

What is being done to save a saber-toothed tiger?

There have been several distinct species sabertoothed cats through prehistory, all of which are now extinct.

How do tigers kill there prey?

first the tiger will stalk its prey so it is not detected next the tiger will charge at its prey and sink its teeth into the vertibra causing suffication and then the tiger will drag the prey home for dinner for her her husbend and her cubs

What can tiger do?

A tiger can run, camouflage in the grass and catch prey.

When did sabertoothed tigers exist?

It does not exist. It is called sabertooth cat

What is a baby elephants prey?


Where do tiger catch their prey?

in the habitat.

How does the tiger eat its prey?

The tiger eats its prey raw. It will feed off the organs first then on the meatier parts next.

What is a white tiger a prey prediator or niether?

the white tiger is a prediator

How does a Siberian tiger hunt for its prey?

yes they do. they are a predator to many animals. they are meat eater's.

What eats lettuce coral?

sabertoothed tigers.

What is the Siberian tigers prey and predator?

the Amur tiger's predators are humans, elephants and boars. The Amur Tiger's prey is usually deer. The Amur or Siberian tiger has no enemies except man. Elephants are not found in this tiger's range, and wild boar are a prey species for the tiger, along with deer and other animals.

Why is the tiger striped?

The stripes in a Tiger's coat are used for camouflage, to hide them from their prey.

Are fish prey?

we could be by a cougar or tiger

What are Tiger cubs are prey too?

No they arent

What is the prey of saber-toothed tiger?


Do tigers follow their prey?

Yes tiger follow their prey in very cunningly manner .

how does a tiger get exersize?

By hunting down it's prey in the wilds. By the speed that a tiger can travel would require the animal to use many body muscles.

How does the tiger salamander protect it self?

a tiger salamander protects itself by poisoning its prey.

What is a good attention grabber for a tiger report?

A tiger skin rug or a photo of a tiger attacking prey/humans.