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How many quarts are in a pound?


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A quart is a unit of volume, and a pound is a unit of weight, so there is no direct conversion of the two. If we know what substance we are talking about (such as water, for example) we could then ask how much a quart of water weighs (about two pounds, but I am estimating).

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as many quarts as in a mile

for water "a pint is a pound the whole world round" so 3 quarts is 6 pounds.

You are trying to compare volume to weight. There is no relationship. You would have to specify what item you want to compare. A pound of feathers would be a more quarts then a pound of gravel.

A 120 person has approximately 4 quarts of blood.

There is about 1.917 quarts in 4 pounds. This means that there is 0.479 quarts in one pound, which can be helpful when following a recipe.

3 quarts in the morning and 3 quarts in the afternoon. that makes 6 quarts a day.

There are 0.565 quarts of rice in 1 pound. Rice is a grain and one of the most widely consumed foods by the human population.

A quart is 2 pints. A pound of ricotta is 1 pint or 1/2 a quart.

One pound is 2 cups. That is the same as 1 pint or 1/2 a quart

3/4 of a pound is 12 ounces.

It takes about 5 quarts (1.25 gallons) of milk to make a pound of whole milk cheese.

There is approximately 2.428 pounds in every one dry quart. This means that there would be 121 pounds in every 50 quarts.

quarts are a measure of volume whereas pounds are a measure of weight. The measure different things and are connected by the density of the substance. To convert pounds to quarts requires the density of the substance, then: quarts = 286 pounds ÷ density with density in quarts per pound.

Quarts can't be converted to pounds. Quarts measure volume, while pounds measure mass.

Quart is a liquid measurement and pound is a measurement of weight. You cannot convert quarts to pounds.

How many WHAT in how many quarts!

4 quarts = 1 gallon. 100 pence = 1 pound.

Quart is an obsolete unit of volume; pound is a unit of mass.

A quart is a unit of capacity. A pound is a unit of mass. The two units are therefore incompatible.

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