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Fluid and filter change should require 5-6 quarts.

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4.5 to 5 qts depending on the engine. with all engines (that are available in this vehicle) start with 4.5 and top off as needed after starting the engine.

you will need a c-clamp and screwdriver and ratchett set.

5 quarts US w/ oil filter change. Always change the filter. 5 quarts US w/ oil filter change. Always change the filter.

oil filter toolYou would need a oil filter wrench, a jack that's all you need to change the filter.

You can reset the light by disconnecting the battery cable for about 5 minutes, then reconnect. You will need a scan tool.

5 3/8 with oil filter change 5 1/8 without oil filter change

You will need to change the Oil and filter, spark plugs, spark wires, fuel filter, air filter, oxygen sensor, thermostat, drain flush and refill the cooling system, and (if needed): change the breaks, rotate the tires, and change the transmission fluid.

About 6 for filter change12 for dry fill.About 6 for filter change12 for dry fill.

It normally takes 5 Quarts of oil. ( with filter change for the 4.0L ) and 6 quarts with filter change for the 4.6 L

Just dropping the pan for a filter change, it will take 7 1/2 qts to refill.

The process of replacing the water pump varies dependig upon the engine size Please post the engine size and will try to provide you with the needed steps

5.5 quarts with engine oil filter change - according to the owners manual

4 Liters when you replace the filter. Always replace filter when you change the oil.

Assuming it is screeching in the area of the belt and pulleys, my problem was that the belt tensioner had seized and needed to be replaced. Noise problem was solved.

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