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there are 8 quarts of dextron 3 fluid


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The 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe transmission has a capacity of 12 quarts of transmission fluid. The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the transmission.

You can use any SAE certified transmission fluid in your 2002 BMW 325. The transmission has a fluid capacity of nine quarts.

The transmission fluid capacity, of your 2002 Toyota, is 12 quarts. The manufacturer recommends that you do not over fill your transmission.

A 2002 yukon automatic transmission requires dexron III. GM now offers Dexron VI transmission fluid which is supposed to be better and also backwards compatible with older dexron fluids.

There will be approximately 2.6 quarts of automatic transmission fluid for a 2002 Nissan Altima. The transmission oil can be purchased at any auto parts store.

A 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo holds approximately 10 quarts of transmission fluid. When only the fluid in the pan is changed, a total of 5 quarts of fluid is needed.

The transmission fluid capacity for a 2002 Tahoe Z71 is 5 quarts. If you are starting with it totally empty it would be 11.2 quarts.

14 quarts but when u just drain the fluid from the pan its about 7-8

For a 2002 Ford Mustang , 5 speed manual transmission : With the 3.8 liter V6 engine ( 2.8 U.S. quarts of Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid ) With the 4.6 L , V8 ( 4.0 quarts of SYNTHETIC MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

The capacities are listed in your owners manual.

The total fluid is 9 quarts. When draining the fluid only about 4 quarts will come out as the rest stays in the torque converter.

5 quarts service fill. 9 quarts dry fill.

CAPACITIESAutomatic Transmission, Total Fill..........12.0 quartsHope This Helps.

The automatic transmission will hold almost nine quarts.

bottom pan removal 6.9 quarts complete overhaul 9.5

7.4 quarts or 10.1 quarts including the torque converter

The 2002 GMC Yukon has a 4-speed automatic.

I was told that if your torque converter is empty it's about 8.5 quarts. If not empty about 5 quarts.

use the dipstick when the engine is running to be certain:)

Mopar ATF+4, dry fill is 9 quarts.

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