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Q: How many readers does the Bible have?
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What are the two major groups into which bible readers split?

Literal and contextual

How can you communicate with god without a bible?

By prayer. A Bible is just a one-way communications tool. It is God's word directed to its readers.

Is there a verse in the Bible with Seven Pounds in it?

yes there is i believe. the movie i think had something to do with "Seven pounds." Ask some believers and bible readers; they will know.

What are some good newsgroup readers?

There are so many good newsgroup readers. A few good newsgroup readers are newshosting client, binreader,unison and so many more good newsgroup readers.

What bible is best for a child who has trouble understanding wat she reading?

The bible that's best for young readers is 'The Children's Bible' it's perfect for little ones!

Where is john's letter in the bible which tells his readers to love one another?

John 13:34-35

What kind of book is Psalm 23 located in?

Psalm 23 is a chapter that is located in the bible. If one is interested in reading more about this, check out Bible Gateway. This site allows readers to view the entire bible free of charge.

What reading level is the NIV Bible?

The New International Version of the Bible is at roughly the 7th to 8th grade reading level. The NiRV is appropriate for readers at the 3rd grade level.

What has the author J Glentworth Butler written?

J. Glentworth Butler has written: 'Butler's Bible-Works For Scripture Reading V1, The Bible Readers' Commentary'

What are some examples of e-book readers?

There are many examples of eBook readers. These include kindle fires, android readers, etc. There are various eBook readers available for purchase and use.

What has the author Donald M McFarlan written?

Donald M. McFarlan has written: 'Concise Bible dictionary' -- subject(s): Bible, Dictionaries 'Who & what & where in the Bible' -- subject(s): Bible, Dictionaries 'Bible readers' reference book' -- subject(s): Bible, Dictionaries, Theology

What does the Bible say about punishment?

The Bible mentions punishment many times. Unfortunately, whenever someone suffers in the Bible, modern readers immediately assume it is a punishment by God, and this is not always the case. There are a few verses in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 12, which say that a servant who does wrong without knowing it should receive few lashes while the servant who knowingly does wrong should receive many lashes. The parable should be obvious.

What has the author J E White written?

J. E. White has written: 'Best stories from the best book' -- subject(s): Bible stories, English, Bible, Readers, History of Biblical events, English Bible stories

How can poetry help readers?

It can convey emotion or a sense of a moment in time that many readers will be able to relate to. It can also help the readers understand poetry better.

Is there any mathematical expression that can be used to represent some verses in the bible about coping with life problems?

Absolutely not. The numbering of verses in the bible is a recent system that allowed translators and readers to know where they are. There is no significance to it at all.

What has the author D B J Campbell written?

D. B. J. Campbell has written: 'The Old Testament for modern readers' -- subject(s): Bible, Textbooks, Worship in the Bible

What has the author Bolin Gao written?

Bolin Gao has written: 'Sheng jing yu wen xue yan jiu' -- subject(s): Bible as literature, Readers (Bible), Chinese language

What did the Alien from outer space say to the green book?

Lead me to your readers

Is the King James Bible real?

The King James Authorised Version of the Bible is a moderately accurate, English translation of the original Bible. Where the translators were uncertain about the original meaning and when they intentionally departed from the original text as they knew it, they placed the text in italics to inform readers of the fact. The King James Bible is the most popular English language Bible in the world.

How many people are mentioned in the Bible?

How many people are mnetioned in the bible? my name is mentioned in the bible

How many names Jesus have in the bible?

how many names does Jesus go by in the Bible

What is a person who writes and edits dictionaries called?

its kind of like a news paper, you have the "writer" then you have many many many many "proof readers" then you have "editors" not sure what the difference between editors and proof readers are but i know there is one.

How many times is the word Guest used in the bible?

There are many translations of the Bible. Here is a list of some popular translations and the number of times the word "guest" is used in each: The King James Bible.......................1 New International Version...............8 Good News Translation...................10 New American Standard Bible..........3 New King James Version..................4 New International Readers' Version..8 New Living Translation...................17

What is a good price for e-readers?

There are many E-readers on the market. However, many people are very pleased with their Kindle that they purchased from Amazon. However, there are others who are happy with their Nook.

Which old testament book never mentions god?

There is no specific mention of God in the Book of Esther, although many Bible readers will understand the deliverance of the Jewish people that it describes (which is celebrated in the Jewish feast of Purim) as being evidence of God's "behind-the-scenes" involvement.