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Italy has 20 regions that are split into 110 provinces.

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How many regions is Italy subdivide into?

Italy has 20 regions.

How many regions does itlay have?

Italy has 20 regions =}

What are some of the regions in Itali?

There are many regions in Italy. Italy has regions such as Aruzzo, Aosta Valley, Apulia, Campania, Lazio, Marche, Sardinia, Umbria, Veneto, and many other regions.

How many regions are there in Italy?


How many countries does Italy have?

None. It has regions

How many main land regions does Italy have?

Italy has one region that's it

How many provinces does Italy have?

Italy has 20 regions, which are divided into 110 provinces.

How many regions is Italy divided?

20 reigoins

How many main land regions does Italy?


Why is Italy divided in to regions?

Italy is divided into different regions because all of the regions are under different administrative divisions. One region in Italy is called Tuscan.

How many countries are in Italy?

It is clear that Italy forms one Sovereign State which is consisted of 20 regions each region with a statute which serves as a regional constitution.15 regions have ordinary statutes and 5 have special statutes.Italy is a country. It has regions (20) and provinces.

Is Italy flat?

No, parts of northern italy (Cervinia) are very mountainous regions that many people love to ski.

How many regions make up northern Italy?

I don't know but 8 make up southern Italy!

How many regions does Italy have name 4?

20, Sicily , abruzzo , marches ,apulia

Does Italy have regions?

Yes Italy has 20 regions. For a map check the site below.

What are perceptual regions in Italy?

You need to explain what you mean by perceptual regions. What is that?

What are the formal regions of Italy?

Europe !

Which of Italy's regions is often called European Italy?

Northern Italy

Where in Italy did tagliatelle come from?

From the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions of Italy

What is the smallest region in Italy?

Valle d'Aosta is the smallest of the twenty regions in Italy.

What are the local political divisions in Italy?

the regions

What regions of Italy border France?


Which regions of Italy are landlocked?

Umbria and Piedmont

What are the 8 regions of Italy?

ya mum

What are the main landform regions of Italy?

the Hungary plains and the alps are the main landforms in Italy