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How many republican senators voted for 1965 Medicare bill?


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The bill went through more than five hundred amendments before being passed by majority vote in both the House (307-116) and Senate (70-24). The legislation made two amendments to the Social Security Act of 1935. Title 18, which became known as Medicare, includes Part A, which provides hospital insurance to the aged, and Part B, which provides supplemental medical insurance. Title 19, which became known as Medicaid, states that at the state's discretion, it can finance the healthcare for individuals who were at or close to the public assistance level.

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Medicare was created by the Social Security Act of 1965.

Medicare and Medicaid began in 1965 under President Lyndon Johnson.

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The social security act of 1965 under LBJ created Medicare. Medicare was financed by payroll taxes.

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The legislation was passed in 1965

Medicare started in 1965. It has always had premiums, co-payments and deductibles.

Before conference vote: 68 Yeas--21 Nays (with 11 not voting) on July 9, 1965 Final bill: 70 Yeas--24 Nays (with 6 not voting) voted on July 28, 1965 The bill was signed by President Lyndon Johnson at a special ceremony in Independence, Missouri on July 30, 1965.

In 1965 Congress opposed legislation that would have established the Medicare program.

July, 1965. President Harry S. Truman was given the first Medicare card issued.

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Medicare was adopted in 1965. Johnson's Great Society took place throughout his administration, starting in 1964.

Medicare was one of President Johnson's initiatives as part of the Great Society program. It was signed in 1965. The first Medicare card was granted to former President Harry S. Truman.

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Medicaid was created on July 30, 1965, through Title XIX of the Social Security Act. Medicare was first created by President Truman in 1945 but it was not officially signed into law until 1965 by President Johnson.

Bill Gannon - Irish republican - died in 1965.

It was signed into law on July 30, 1965 by Lyndon B. Johnson.

Medicaid and Medicare were included in the Social Security Amendments of 1965 and were implemented in 1966.

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