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The two most important where the revolution in 1907 after the Russian Japanese war and the revolution of 1917 which finally brought down the dynasty

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Q: How many revolutions took place in ending the Romanov dynasty?
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What was the Atlantic Revolution?

The Atlantic Revolution wasn't one single conflict. It is referring to the revolutions that took place on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean between the mid-18th century until the mid-19th century. (America, France, Belgium, Poland, and a bunch of other countries had revolutions in this time period.)

What was the American response to the European revolutions of 1848?

Their response was war. The other European countries were afraid that revolution may spread to their people and remove them from their throne and their power. So they did the only logical thing the could come up with. Mainly Austria and Prussia, but others too, began to march on France to place King Louis XVI back on the throne and support the idea of absolutism. Also the Queen of France was an Austrian so they also may have been trying to look out for one of their own.

Where is the setting in mulan?

The Setting of the Mulan was in the China; specifically in Han Dynasty. It was taken there because it related to their culture and history. In China, there are also warriors that are women. The Mulan begins when the reuniting of the clan of Tuoba and Xianbei. The Touba in northeast china controlled the northearn china that made them slave and follow the rules under the Touba. Even though other military culture of Xianbei reamin, still the rules of Touba continued. Mulan is about conquering other dynasty and try to manipulate their rules. In this case the two cultures of Touba and Xaianbei were combined.

What was the conclusion of World War 2?

The conclusion of World War II took place on the Battleship Missouri in Tokyo Harbor on September 2, 1945. General Douglas MacArthur oversaw the ceremony formally ending the most destructive war in history.

How did qin dynasty fall?

The Qin dynasty was the dynasty that unified China after the warring states period. Throughout Chinese history, the dynasty was known for its aggressive rule under the Legalist system. Some people believe it lasted for only about 1 generation because of its harsh rule and showed no mercy(for example who broke the law would be executed (they did a lot of things like improve the great wall, built irrigation systems... all through conscript labor). These were all factors that caused unrest among the people, which led to a revolution.

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When did the Bolshevik Revolution over-throw the Russian Romanov Dynasty?

The Bolshevik Revolution did not overthrow the Russian Romanov dynasty. The Bolshevik Revolution occurred on October 25, 1917 (old style calendar) and overthrew the Provisional Government. The Romanov dynasty was overthrown in the February 1917 Revolution. So, the Romanov dynasty was already history when the Bolshevik Revolution took place.

Where were revolutions taking place?

in qatar

What was the Han Dynasty place in universe?

The Han Dynasty is the second dynasty of Chinese history.

What dynasty did the bronze age take place?

the Qin dynasty

What Egyptian dynasty did the battle of Kadesh take place?

the battle of kadesh took place in the 19th dynasty

Who was Russian ruling family before the communist revolution?

The Romanov family ruled Russia for 300 years before Tsar Nicholas II abdicated in 1917. However, the communist revolution did not end this dynasty. Nicholas II abdicated the throne in March 1917 as a result of the February Revolution. The Communist or Bolshevik Revolution did not take place until the following October eight months after the dynasty had ended.

Under which dynasty was a single monetary system put in place?

the Qin dynasty

Where were revolutions taking place in the eighteenth century?

all over Europe

The golden age for Chinese poetry took place during what dynasty?

The Tang dynasty.

Where is shang?

shang was a dynasty not a place.

What dynasty is monkey king in?

The story takes place in the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Where is shang China?

shang was a dynasty not a place.