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Q: How many seasons does case closed have?
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What channel does case closed comes on?

Case Closed was on the CartoonNetwork Channel, but they took it off last I heard. I do know that they have 19 Seasons of Case Closed along with 13 Case Closed Movies. (check for Case Closed on wikianswers an you'll find it).

How many seasons are there of case closed?

20 seasons 604 episodes and still going in Japan 5 seasons 130 episode were released in America but was discontinued

How many seasons of case closed is there?

Acutally, there are 19 season. You can find the answer on Wiki down in the 'Anime' section.

Can anyone name all the Case Closed episodes and titles?

On Try typing in "List of Case Closed Episodes" and a List of Episodes for Case Closed should come up. If not Type in Case Closed and find the list of episodes link and click on it. There are currently 19 Seasons of Case Closed (586 Episodes) and this isn't including OVA's, Movies, and TV Specials either. Hopes this helps, Ja Ne!

Where can I find the English subtitle of Case Closed which is also known as Detective Conan?

YouTube,, and Anime Crazy all provide detective conan/ case closed episodes. Also, Case Closed seasons 1-5 come with the option to view in the original Japanese language English subbed

How many case closed movies are there?

As of April 2015, there are currently 19 movies of Case Closed out.

Where to watch case closed online?

You can google case closed and you'll find case closed program and you cant really watch case closed online but only on find case closed episode or case closed movie.

Is there more Case Closed movies coming?

There are movie 1-6 already but they won't do anymore but if people buy more seasons they can make more.

How many episodes of case closed?


Who closed the Jack the Ripper case?

That case was not closed.

What does case closed statistically in child support mean?

Whats the legal meaning in child support when it says "MODIFICATION CASE CLOSED

How do you reopen a closed case?

Depends on what type of case and how long it has been closed.

Where to find videos of case closed?

If you mean case closed, is it TV from japan because you can find case closed videos from search case closed episode or case closed movie, case closed is my favorite show in the world because you can solve mystery and it's also a comedy show,not i mean comedy its just funny show also serious and romance.

How many case closed books are there?

There are at least 818 that's how many i have check out

When was Case Closed created?

Case Closed was created on 2006-10-02.

What does case closed and inactive mean?

Case closed means that a solution to the case has been reached. Case inactive means that the case has not been solved, but no one is actively working on it.

Can a Federal Case be reopened?

It depends on the type of case, how it was closed, when it was closed, and if you have a good reason to reopen.

What does case closed statistically mean?

Case closed statistically means something different for each situation. If a parent or teacher says case closed it means that there will be no argument. In cases of the law, it statistically means that the case has ended and a verdict has been reached.

Why would there be a warrant for an arrest if the case is closed?

Define "closed." Is the original police criminal investigation "closed" or is the actual court case itself closed? As long as there are outstanding and un-addressed matters or un-prosecuted defendants, a court case is never closed until all known defendants in the case have been prosecuted. .

Upper case or lower case for the four seasons?


Do you die with your eyes open or closed?

You can die with your eyes either open or closed. For many people, especially the sick and the elderly, it is not uncommon to die in their sleep, in which case their eyes will be closed. However, some do die with their eyes open, in which case it is considered respectful to close that person's eyes.

What does it mean in a criminal court case that reads closed?

It means that the case is closed-- either the case was dismissed, the Defendant acquitted, or the Defendant was convicted and sentenced for the crime.

What does closed conversion mean in a criminal case?

what does closed by conversion mean

Is an adjudicated case a closed case?


When is case closed season 6 release date?

Funimation did dub the 6th season, they dub all the way up to the 10th season, but never released season 6 box set, nor any others up to season 10. If you want to watch season 6 of Case Closed, you would have to buy the volumes of the seasons. Or, you could watch them on youtube if they are available.