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Define "closed." Is the original police criminal investigation "closed" or is the actual court case itself closed? As long as there are outstanding and un-addressed matters or un-prosecuted defendants, a court case is never closed until all known defendants in the case have been prosecuted. .

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Q: Why would there be a warrant for an arrest if the case is closed?
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Does a bench warrant turn into an arrest warrant after a length of time?

A bench warrant is a warrant for the arrest/apprehension of the person named. It is referred to as a "bench warrant" because the judge presiding over the case in which the individual is involved is the one who issues the warrant.

Is an arrest warrant filed against the owner in a car repo case?

I was told that if my daughter's car was set for repo, that she and I would have an arrest warrant filed against us because the car would be considered stolen property. This is in Delaware.

Can a criminal case be dismissed if police officer lied on arrest warrant in Arkansas?

It could be, but your allegation would have to be proved first.

How can you find out if you have a warrant for your arrest free of charge over the internet?

there is no such this case you would have to call the county jail or the police department within the county you believe you might have a warrant

How do you find out if you have a sealed case arrest warrant?

Does the word "sealed" have any meaning to you? You can't!

What case you we can file for the police he arrest a person without warrant?

Police do not necessarily need a warrant to arrest someone. Basically an arrest means that they have strong reason to believe that someone has broken the law. A warrant allows them to arrest the person on sight even if they are doing nothing wrong at the time. If you feel like the arrest is unjust your best option is to get an attorney.

Can police enter your home on an arrest warrant for a fta issued by the judge if your case has not been tried yet?

Yes, an arrest warrant allows them to enter only your registered address to seize you. You do not have to be tried to be arrested.

Can you be arrested on new charges after the case is closed by arrest?

Yes, you can be arrested on new charges after a case has been closed provided they find new evidence.

What if you are charged with crime but case closed?

Question isn't clear. A case isn't "closed" until an arrest is made. Please, reword and re-submit.

What happens if the victim doesn't show up at the trial for the drug case?

Convicted and bench warrant for arrest issued

Can a payday loan company issue a warrant for your arrest for defaulting on a loan?

No. Only the court (Judges) may issue a warrant for someone's arrest. No lender may have you arrested for not paying a loan, however, if you don't show up to court (or have legal representation at court), the judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest (with the intention of getting you in front of the court, not to put you in jail). If the default, however, is subsequently believed to be a result of fraud, the judge may pass the particulars of the case to a prosecutor who will likely request a warrant for your arrest. In this case, the warrant is meant to hold you for trial in criminal court.

If case is disposed and fine not paid- what happens to case in sc?

your case will stay on system till fines are paid if they are not paid by certain date they will issue a warrant for your arrest

Extradition process for failure to pay child support?

As in any case where a Warrant for arrest has been issued, the county is asked to effect the arrest and to hand over the person.

What does it mean if a criminal court case is closed but the disposition of the case says warrant?

Define what you mean by "closed." Without knowing this all-important fact the question cannot be answered.

Do police have to show you the search warrant prior to breaking down your door?

No they do not. If they have a signed search warrant they are allowed to enter without notice. They are only required to show you the warrant upon your request to see it. If they do not allow you to see the warrant, this could potentially invalidate the search and make any evidence found against you during the search inadmissible.Added: While the above may be true in the specific case of the service of search warraants, it is NOT so in the case of the service of an arrest warrant. Mere knowledge of the existence of an arrest warrant for an individual is sufficient to take that person into custody. The arrestee need not be shown the actual warrant at the time of arrest.

What does it mean case custody - fugitive?

It means the defendant has failed to appear, is missing or escaped. An arrest warrant will be issued for the person.

When does a Missouri bench warrant expire?

NEVER, as is the case for any warrant. NEVER is not the case for all bench warrants and its certainly not the case for all arrest warrants..... A Bench warrant will stay active till you are either brought before the court,the court drops the warrant itself, you die or you do some legal action to resolve the warrant. In some city courts, bench warrants for traffic tickets and unpaid fines are sometimes cleared after a number of years but that is a city by city issue. There are statute of limitations set on arrest warrants(meaning you committed a crime but have not been arrested by the police) that vary from state to state and once the statute of limitations is reached for that specific crime you can not be prosecuted for that crime and the arrest warrant becomes void,such as an arrest warrant issed in the state of Maryland in 1956 for a person who committed petty theft would no longer be valid in 2012 because the states statute of limitaions on the crime of petty theft is only 20 years..

Will they arrest you for warrant when you go to court for separate case?

They will if they care to check. It's always best to get a warrant cleared as soon as possible because you may be arrested at almost any time.

Is there a time limit that police have to file an indictment after a warrant is served?

The police do not file indictments. They apply for and/or receive the warrant, arrest you, and present you to the prosecutor and court - usually, by law, within 72 hours after arrest. After that it becomes the courts responsbility to move the case forward.

Can a Police Case be reopened once it was closed by arrest?

Yes, the police can reopen a case once they close it provided that they find new evidence.

How do you determine probable cause?

Probable cause is determined by a statement of the facts in a case, including how much evidence the police have to prove their case. Probable cause is the determination that it is likelier than not a person has committed a crime or is committing a crime. There are different levels of probable cause, including for search warrant and for an arrest warrant. A probable cause for a search warrant isn't necessarily a probable cause for an arrest, and vice versa

What does it mean Fugitive Declaration Filed on a criminal case that also reads Inactive?

it means there is a bench warrant out for their arrest and have constables and police looking for them.

What case established that an arrest without a warrant made in a public place is valid if it is based on probable cause?

United States v. Watson

What does writ of arrest mean in criminal charges?

A "writ" is a judicial order. A formal written command, issued by the court, requiring the performance of a specific act... in this case, an arrest. Sounds like a "Bench Warrant" to me.

Can an out of state misdemeanor arrest warrant affect my child custody case?

Yes. If you report to court then you have a chance to be detained and extradited back to the state in which you committed the crime. But only if its an active arrest warrent you are hiding from.