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How many seats does the Liberal Party have in both Federal and State Parliaments?

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There is just one federal parliament in Australia. However, there are six state parliaments and two territory parliaments.

Liberal State Party ended in 1946.

Liberal State Party was created in 1921.

there are 6 state parliaments and 2 territory parliaments in australia.

The leader of the federal parliament in Australia in the Prime Minister of Australia.The leader of state parliaments are called state Premiers.

Lobbyists, State Parliaments, Federal Parliament (Upper and Lower House), and The Governer General.

The state parliaments are controlled by state laws while the Territories are governed federally. The Queensland government has no House of Review ( Senate ).

The 'New Deal,' a series of widespread federal (and some state) programs and initiatives during the 1930s, was indeed 'liberal.' As distinct from 'conservative' understandings of the responsibilities and privileges of federal government, the 'liberal' New Deal greatly expanded the role of federal government relative to its previous role in American economics and social planning. Fundamentally, it conceived of the federal government as responsible for ensuring in-state stability and prosperity in domestic affairs.

The main Legislative bodies in Australia are in the federal Parliament and in the various state and territory Parliaments. The States have their own laws and need only work within the frame work of the federal constitution.

There are liberal parties in many different states and countries. In general, liberals are more likely than conservatives to support same-sex marriage. In my native New York State, the Liberal Party supported legalization of same-sex marriage, but the Conservative Party did not.

In 2011, the state leader of Victoria, Australia is Edward Norman 'Ted' Baillieu, of the Liberal Party. As state leader, his position is Premier.

Laws are rules and regulations that are developed by either ther the state parlaiments or in the case of federal law by the federal parlaiment. Parliaments are presured by the electorate to develop laws that they feel are needed this principle aplys to both state and federal laws.These laws however are made in a constitutional framework that defines what the law can controll and what it can not and how.

The constitution does not provide specifically for jurisdiction when a State is party to any state case. When the state is party to a case filed in FEDERAL court then that case is heard in the federal district court in that state. Every state has at least one, some have more. There are 6 federal district courts in the USA. This includes one in each territory to include DC and Puerto Rico. If the case is a state based case (filed under that state's law) then procedurally that state will hear the case.

The Liberal State Party, "the Freedom League" (LSP, Dutch: Liberale Staatspartij "de Vrijheidsbond"), was a Dutch conservative-liberal political party from 1921 to 1948. It is historically linked to the VVD, a major Dutch political party. The LSP was founded in 1921 as a merger of the mainstream liberal Liberal Union, the conservative liberal League of Free Liberals, the minor Economic League and the single seat parties of the Neutral Party and the Middle Class Party. They were joined by the General Political Party, who lacked parliamentary representation. These were all the liberal parties in the Netherlands except for the progressive-liberal VDB. The merger was forced by the constitutional revision of 1918 implementing universal suffrage and proportional representation. The two biggest parties (the Liberal Union and the League of Free Liberals) had lost a considerable number of seats with the implementation of universal suffrage, while the other three parties had profited from the system of proportional representation. Of the two major political parties in the United States, the Democratic Party is most supportive of organized labor, making it more liberal in that sense. Of the three minor parties, the Green Party is the most liberal and is more liberal than the Democratic Party. There are at least 25 micro parties and numerous regional parties, with a variety of levels of "liberalism" in their party platforms.

Sometimes either. A civil case may be tried in the state of the party filing suit, or a party can invoke federal diversity jurisdiction and remove the case to federal court if the amount of the claim is in excess of $75,000.


- The federal Republic of Germany - The Swiss Confederation Three more countries are partially federal, in that parts of the country have separate 'state' parliaments and governments, but parts of the country do not and have direct control by the national governament - The Russian Federation - Spain (Catalonia and other areas have state governments) - United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have separate governments)

The majority of reforms advocated by the Populist Party were incorporated into laws by either the state or federal government.

The Premier is the politician who is the leader of the majority party in the State Parliament. It the same position as the Prime Minister - but at the State, not Federal level.

The Federalist Party was the first American political party, from the early 1790s to 1816, the era of the first party system, with remnants lasting into the 1820s.

because they were against the federal government being large, they wanted the state power to be stronger then the federal power

State and federal laws.State and federal laws.State and federal laws.State and federal laws.

In a state election held on 26 March 2011, Barry O'Farrell, of the Liberal Party of Australia, was elected Premier of NSW.

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