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How many seats on a school bus?

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Varies depending on the size of the school bus. Normally, you'd be looking at 44 to 48 passengers, plus the driver, which would put you at 23 to 25 seats (including the driver's seat) for a full sized bus.

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How many seats are on a standard school bus?

"Standard" according to whom? A full sized school bus typically has between 44 and 52 seats.

How many seats on school bus?

25 including the driver.

How many seats are on a elementary school bus?

Usually like 24.

How many seats in a school bus?

depending on the style of the bus, anywhere up to 13 on each side i believe

How many seats are on a school bus?

1-3 to a bus seat. Depends on size. About 1-3 for most buses

How many seats are in a double-decker bus?

There are 60-76 seats on a bus

How many seats are on a single decker bus?

Bus sizes vary, as will the number of seats.

How many seats on a single Decker bus?

A single decker bus has 75 seats.

What are school bus seats made of?

foam and rubber

How many seats are there in a bus?

It depends on how long the bus is

How many seats in a wheelchair bus?

It depends on the bus.

How many seats does a bus have?

A bus can have up to 52 seats including 3 for fat people.

How many people fit on a school bus in the Anne Arundel County Maryland area?

Depends on the number of seats the school bus has. Like any other county, Anne Arundel will have school buses of different sizes.

How many seats on a city bus?


How many seats are there on a bus?


How many people fit in a school bus?

Only as many as it has seats to hold them. 44 passenger school buses are common. Some go up to 72 passengers.

How many students are allowed to stand on a school bus tht seats 43?

None. A student has to be able to sit down or they can't ride on it.

What are bus seats made of?

Plastic and rubber for school buses and wool and metal for local buses

How many seats and how many people per seat are in a mini bus?

The number of seats depends on the size of the mini bus and can range from 6 to 12. Usually, there is one person per seat.

What is overloaded on a school bus?

There are two ways to overload passengers on a school bus. 1) exceed the posted seating capacity. 2) a school bus is considered overloaded when kids are in the aisle. All passengers must fit on seats and leave the aisle clear.

How many tires on a school bus?

There are four tires on a school bus because there are four wheels on a school bus. that is true ^ Where I am from, they have 6.

Is buses' seats singular or plural?

The currect plural form for bus seat is "bus seats."

How many seats on a charter bus?

A charter bus can accommodate approx 50- 55 passenger in comfortable manner.

Name a place where seats are comfortable?

church school auditorium circus sports game bus office

How many magic school bus books are there?

There are about 10 magic school bus books.