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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has no denominations or sects that it claims as part of it. There are several groups that have LEFT the LDS church, but they are not considered Mormons by the LDS church, even though some of them call themselves Mormons. The two best known are the RLDS (Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), now called the Community of Christ, and the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), which is in the news a lot presently. The FLDS is the group that is polygamous.

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How many different denominations and sects of Islam are there?

Many; Sunnis Shias, ahmadiyyas, Quraniyoon, Ibadi etc it is said that there will be 72 sects until dooms day comes.

Who is the Pentecostal church leader?

There is no single Pentecostal church leader as there are many different Pentecostal denominations and sects, each with their own leadership organization.

How many religions sects are there within Christendom?

Christianity is one religion, not many. There are many denominations in Christianity.

Does Christianity have conflicts?

Christianity has numerous conflicts. That is why it is divided into so many denominations & sects.

Which religion has many branches or denominations?

Christianity has the most sects of all the religions, which is in the vicinity of 1000 +/-.

What are the seven religions under Christianity?

There are several denominations and many more sects. The major denominations are: Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Evangelicals, Non-aligned.

What are the different sects of Sikhism?

Sahajdharis and Udasis are two examples of different sects of Sikhism. Many sects are not recognized as orthodox by most Sikhs.

What was religion like in the 1840?

It depends where in the world you are focusing? (Asia, North America, Isanbul???) In America you saw the genesis of many different christian sects such as mormonism, jehovahs witnesses, seventh day adventists.

How many different protestant denominations are there?

There are thousands of Protestant denominations.

How many sects are in Hinduism?

Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma, 'the eternal law') has four main denominations. The religions denominations are: Vaishnavism (Vishnuism), Shaivism (Shiviti), Shaktism, and Smartism.

What are the names of all the denominations in Christianity?

Christianity is made up of many different denominations. Some examples of Christian denominations include Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, and Unitarian. Another View: Most would place Christianity into 4 denominations, each with multiple sects as follows: Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Non-Aligned.

What is 1 of the religions in the US?

There are many religions in the United States. A few exampels are:Protestant ChristianityCatholocismMormonismJudaismAgnosticismAtheismScientologyWiccaThese are only 8 examples. There are many, many more. Each religion even has hundreds of denominations and sects which it is comprised of. Please feel free to look through each of our subtopics in the Religion and Spirituality section!

How many different denominations of Christianity in Wakefield?

According to David Barrett there are ~ 33,820 denominations.

What religion besides Roman Catholic came from the Christian belief started in Rome?

Nearly all the different Christian religious sects today had their origin in the Latin Church. They broke off from Catholicism for various reasons over the years. In many cases, additional sects broke off from these Protestant denominations.

How many denominations are there in Christianty?

For the most part, there are 5 branches or denominations: Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical, and Mormon/other. Within each branch are usually found numerous sects

How many different christian denominations in the UK?


How many different protestant denominations are there worldwide?


How do the sects of Judaism differ?

The different sects of Judaism differ in many different ways, mainly though they differ in the way halacha ( code of law ) is interpreted.

What is the another name of Buddha Religion?

Buddhism. There are many different sects.

Who are Opposing group of Muslims to the Sunni's?

There is many Sects in Islam, there is also diffrent types of Sunnis with different beliefs, sub sects within.

Do Pentecostal women still wear floor length granny dresses?

Some pentecostal denominations/sects observe the tradition of women wearing floor-length dresses, as a way of dressing modestly (I Tim. 2:9). Many other pentecostal denominations/sects, while still expecting women to dress modestly, do not require women to wear floor-length dresses.

What is the meaning of the word denominations?

The word denominations means separate named or valued forms. For example:1) currency (Paper money is printed in various denominations.)2) churches (The Baptist church has many different denominations.)

What did a clergy have to do to prepae for his job?

In most denominations and many sects, there is a certain level of education - specifically towards religious studies. They usually also are well in-step with their groups beliefs.

Which religion has a number of denominations?

Christendom and the Muslim religions both have many different denominations. More than not most all religions have an offshoot.

Are there branches of Catholicism and if so how many?

There are 6 primary branches with 23 different sects.

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