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A pea is a seed!

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Do peas have seeds?

Yes. Peas have seeds. In fact, the peas themselves are seeds if grown to full maturity and allowed to dry on the vine.

Are sprouts massive peas?

No. Sprouts are buds peas are seeds.

Are peas a fruit?

no but tomatoes are as they have seeds

Are peas a root vegetable?

No, they are seeds.

When do peas grow?

after you plant the seeds

How do peas disperse their seeds?

peas disperse their seeds by self dispersal. When the pod dry's out the peas literally explode out of their pod and land somewhere new ready to grow into a new plant.

Where do peas grow in the pea plant?

Peas grow inside the pea pod. They are the seeds.

Is green peas a leaf?

Peas are the seeds of the pea plant. They are produced in pods. Pea plants have leafs which are green but are not peas.

Does the pea have seeds?

Yes peas do have seeds and the pea its self is a seed. --D

Where are the seeds in a pea plant?

The peas are the seeds of the pea plant. They are inside pods.

Seeds that grow in pods and are eaten?


What are the seeds that grow in pods and are eaten?


Which of seeds have two cotyledon?

bean peas

What are examples of dicots seeds?

peas, beans

Are peas vegetables?

yes. but since peas have (are) seeds, they're also biologically a fruit - as is corn.

Do pea plants produce seeds?

Yes, the peas are the seeds.

How do sweet peas disperse their seeds?

I have no freaking idea.

What is scientific name for peas seeds?

Pisum sativum

What kind of seeds can you eat?

sunflower, seeds, peas, corn, beans, wheat, oats, and rice

Are peas a vegetables?

nope, they are seeds. to be more precise pod seeds which makes the pod a fruit.

What plants reproduce with seeds in a sack?

Pea plamts, peas, edemame, some corn. Anything related to peas.

What seeds germinate the fastest?

Peas, radishes and bean sprouts.

Is pea a leaf or a root?

No, peas are seeds, and the pods are the 'fruit'.

Are peanuts nuts or peas?

Peanuts are closer to peas than nuts, they are seeds in a pod! Strictly speaking, they belong to the legume family, which consists of peas and beans.

What are some foods made of seeds?

There are many foods that are made from seeds. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that come from seeds. Some examples of foods that come from seeds are tomatoes, peppers, lemons, limes, green beans, peas, pumpkin, and watermelon.