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If you mean a quire, it's 24 sheets of paper of identical size and stock: one-twentieth of a ream.

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How many pages does Squire - novel - have?

Squire - novel - has 399 pages.

How many pages are in the book squire?

Squire: Book 3 of the Protector of the Small Quartet is by Tamora Pierce. It has 434 pages.The Squire is by James Wisher. It has 300 pages.

How many syllables does 'sheets' have?

Sheets is one syllable.

How many children did squire Boone have?


How many years for a squire?

until you are 20

How many children did did Squire Boone have?

4 sons

How many children does Squire Boone have?

4 sons

How many sheets in one ream?

Five hundred sheets.

How many sheets are there in a gross?

There are 144 sheets in a gross.

How many sheets are packaged in a ream of paper?

500 sheets

How many syllables does sheets have?

There is only 1 syllable in "sheets."

How do I use squire in a sentence?

Stand and be recognized, young squire! Another shield, quickly; squire!

When did Richard 'Squire' Lee die?

Richard 'Squire' Lee died in 1795.

When was Richard 'Squire' Lee born?

Richard 'Squire' Lee was born in 1726.

What mineral separates into sheets?

Many minerals separate into sheets. If the mineral has cleavage than it is common for it to separate into sheets. Mica separates into sheets.

How many sheets of 8.511 will you have if you cut 100 sheets of 1117 sheets?

200 (cut it perfectly in half)

How many sheets of paper in a ream?

there are 500 sheets but some manufacturers pack480 sheets of paper in a ream

how many sheets of paper equal 0.2oz?

How many sheets of paper equal 2.0 oz?

How many squire mile of Georgia?

59441 square miles.

How does a knight become a squire?

A squire becomes a knight...

How many sheets of paper make one ream?

500 sheets

How many sheets of paper do you have with triplicate copies?

3 sheets

What is the relationship among the Knight the Squire and the Yeoman?

the squire is the knight's son the yeoman is the highest form of servant to the the knight. the yeoman also watched the squire when the squire was little

How many sheets are in a ream of paper?

Typically 500 sheets of regular paper or 250 sheets of card stock.

What is a sentence with the word squire?

"The name of the Town Squire is Paul." "Sir Lancelot called to his squire to bring his armor."

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